Apple removed from iTunes podcasts “the main conspiracy of America”

The company did this under the pressure of journalists, activists and other major services.

Alex Jones during one of the podcasts

From the iTunes library, five of the six podcasts of the Infowars show disappeared from the American journalist and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. An Apple representative confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the company notified the author of the transfer about his decision.

Apple explained that it removed Infowars podcasts due to a violation of internal rules in the field of hate speech. According to the representative of the company, with the help of strict guidelines for developers, she seeks to “provide a safe environment” for users.

The search for podcasts by Alex Jones now gives only one result – RealNews with David Knight

Since Apple owns the largest platform for podcasts on the Internet (50 billion downloads and streams), it faced pressure from the media and activists who called for the removal of conspiracy shows. In July, Facebook and YouTube removed episodes of Infowars, social networks and video hosting also blocked Jones for 90 and 30 days respectively. Also, some issues of podcasts were removed from Spotify and Stitcher.

Alex Jones is one of the most famous supporters of conspiracy theory in the US. Among other things, he promotes conspiracy theories about the organization of the terrorist attacks in New York on September 11, 2001 and that there was allegedly no mass murder in the “Sandy Hook” primary school in 2012. He tells why the landing of Americans on the Moon is falsified, and “exposes” the stories of American media about Russian reality.

In the seventh season of the American TV series “Homeland” (Homeland), a conspiratorial journalist appeared who opposes the president and has influence over part of the US population. The creators of the show recognized that when creating the character, Alex Jones was inspired in many ways.

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