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14-year-old Russian figure skater was the first in the history of women’s skating performed quadruple lutz

But the judges admitted that the element is not perfect.

14-year-old figure skater Alexander Trusov from Russia took first place at the youth Grand Prix in Kaunas. As a result of short and arbitrary programs, she scored 221.44 points.

During an arbitrary performance, Trusova became the first woman in history to perform a quadruple lutz in official competitions. Previously, the athlete did this only in training.

Fourth loot after 0:57
However, the judges admitted that Trusova did not perfect the element and, on a five-point scale, recognized him as “un-twisted”. The Netherlands and Azerbaijan put “-2”, Israel, Estonia, Finland, Austria and South Africa – “-1”, and Ukraine and Poland – “+2”.

This is not the best rental that I can show, so I will continue to work to perform cleanly.

Alexandra Trusova
in the air of “Russia 1”

Previously, the fourth lutz performed in official tournaments only men. The element is considered second in complexity after the axel and represents a prong (when you need to push off the toe on which the prongs are placed) a jump with an anti-rotational approach.

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