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Profile: Jim Carrey

The story of the ascent of the Hollywood favorite of the public, in whose life there was a place for both comedy and drama.

September 9 on Showtime is the first show in almost 30 years with Jim Carrey, titled “I’m kidding”. It narrates about the leading children’s television channel, which unsuccessfully tries to solve family problems. The authors originally wanted to see Kerry in the title role – in recent years he had experienced a great loss and moved away from the cinema in search of new inspiration.

Kerry once said that if it were not for a series of circumstances, he would not have become an actor, but continued to work at a factory in Canada. Starting from the bottom, when his family had to live on the street, he achieved success at home, and then went to the United States. There he was waiting for a long career and a chance to re-express his comedic talent. But with success came and problems – first a series of tragedies in the family, and then in his personal life – forcing Kerry to temporarily go into the shadows.

The man from Canada becomes a star in the US

“My father could become a great comedian, but he did not believe it and took a more cautious step. He took a job as a bookkeeper,  Jim Carrey said in 2014, speaking to graduates of the Maharishi University in Iowa. Probably, many of those present in the hall have at least once seen the actor on television in the 1990s, when they only thought about the school or university. “You too can try to do what you love,” Kerry continued. As he did in his time.

The future comedian was born in January 1962 in the small town of Newmarket in Canada and became the fourth child in the Kerry family. His father Percy, once an outstanding self-taught saxophone, abandoned the musician’s career and worked as an accountant, always knowing how to make his son laugh. Jim imitated his father, liked to listen to him playing and trying to come up with his own jokes.

When the boy was 12 years old, his father was fired. The Kerry family had to get a job at the factory – Jim got the job of a cleaner with an eight-hour schedule. Money was not enough, so first the family moved to a house on wheels, and then began to live in a tent. The situation was complicated by the state of mother Jim Kathleen – once a promising singer, she suffered from hypochondria.

One of the last photos of Jim with his mother and father. Photos of Splash News

At the age of 16, the teenager dropped out of school to practice numbers for performances during his free time. Four years later, in 1982, 20-year-old Kerry earned a reputation as one of the top comedians in Toronto and moved to Hollywood. He started performing at The Tonight Show and tried to get on Saturday Night Live, but to no avail. In parallel, the comedian thought about a career in film, but for several years he was lucky only for roles in second-rate paintings.

In 1990, Kerry’s acquaintance and future director of the “Very Scary Movie” Keenan Wayans invited him to cast a new television show “In Living Color.” Despite the fact that the series aimed at a dark-skinned audience, Kerry did not get lost among the heroes. Behind the scenes of the show there was a joke that it should be renamed “The Kerry Show”, by analogy with the famous “Cosby Show”.

A selection of scenes from the show “In Living Color” with Kerry

In April 1991, Kerry’s career interrupted news from home – his mother died of kidney failure. Going home, Jim found his father broken: he hardly reminded that cheerful person that his son remembered as a child. The actor decided that his father needed time to recover, and continued to build a career. At that time, he began working on a script for his own project.

Detective on search for pets named Ace Ventura. When friends and colleagues of Kerry heard this description of the hero, at the best, they advised Jim not to waste time. Comedian did not retreat – he modified the image of the hero together with the author Jack Bernstein and wrote a script for the picture, which he set one task for. “The plan is not to join Hollywood, but to destroy it.”

Provocation succeeded – on the eve of the rental of “Ace Ventura” Kerry called the agent and said that critics “hated the picture.” It seemed that the warnings of friends were justified, but a few days later Jim realized – he became a Hollywood star. The film collected at the box office more than $ 100 million at a cost of $ 15 million.

November 1991. Despite the fact that with the death of his mother was only six months, this did not stop Kerry joking about her on stage. “If my mother were to go to hell, she would surely have driven the devil crazy.”

The success of “Ventura” was followed by the loud popularity of “Masks” with Kerry in the title role, released in July of the same year. The picture collected more than 320 million dollars at a cost of 23 million dollars, but the actor received only 450 thousand dollars for the leading role. However, at that time his attention was switched from earnings – three weeks after the release of the “Mask”, Kerry’s father died, never recovering from the loss of his wife.

As Jim recalled , he always loved and helped his mother. However, it was Percy’s departure that knocked him down: the actor began to use antidepressants, quarreled, and soon divorced his wife Melissa Womer, with whom at that time he had a seven-year daughter, Jane.

In December, the screens went “Dumb and even stupid,” for the work in which Kerry received seven million dollars. This event marked the success of Jim in his acting career, but barely blocked the grief of his father’s death.

Approximately five years before the financial success, the comedian wrote himself a fake check for $ 10 million, believing that his wish materialized. Before the burial of his father, Kerry put in his pocket of trousers the same false check. Just as a symbol – “I did it.”

Jim turns into Andy

If you retell jokes comedians friends or on paper, with a high likelihood of humor will continue. Andy Kaufman is different. It can not be described and it makes no sense to try to retell – on the stage he did not so much standup, as a surreal view. I was silent for 30 seconds, I cried before the audience, I read to them the “Great Gatsby”, poured water or fought with women – the list of such scenes is impressive.

Kaufman was not understood by all, blaming the lack of humor. However, the comedian lacked admirers – most often he was called a “genius”, which caused laughter with one appearance on the stage. Kaufman continued to be popular even after his death in 1984. At that time, Kerry was only 22 years old, and he never met a comic surrealist. However, it was Jim who was to be associated with Andy’s acting career.

Speech by Andy Kaufman in 1977

As a child, Kerry often saw Kaufman’s appearances on TV: the young man was amazed that he was different from all other comedians. He seemed to live permanently in a fictional image and never showed himself. This property was difficult to copy, so when the director Milos Forman announced the casting for the role of Kaufman for his biopic “Man on the Moon”, the desire was expressed only by rare professionals.

John Cusack, Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton – these and other Hollywood actors expected to get a role. But when Foreman saw Kerry’s casting video, he strictly decided to take it-the director did not stop even the skeptical views of the fans who doubted Jim’s ability to move away from the comic image he was used to.

In 2017, Netflix released a documentary ” Jim and Andy “, compiled from interviews and archival records from the filming of “Man on the Moon.” The film tells how, for the sake of the film, Kerry completely transformed himself into Kaufman, leaving himself, still not recovered from his father’s death, behind him.

Trailer of the documentary “Jim and Andy”

Kerry almost never left the image of Kaufman, whether at home or on set. When addressed to him by his real name, he replied that Jim Carrey is not here, but he will necessarily give him “your wishes.” “It is very cool. He plays like Andy, “- said Danny DeVito during the shooting. Over time, the team got used to the behavior of the actor, but to get used to Kaufman’s stage alter ego, Tony Clifton, turned out to be much more difficult.

Unlike Andy, on the stage resembling a child, Clifton often performed with musical numbers, rude and humiliated spectators, sometimes provoking a fight. The same evil he remained in the performance of Kerry. One day during the shooting, he went to the house of a fictional artist to Stephen Spielberg and demanded to show him “a real shark, not a fake.” Kerry walked around the neighborhood, waving his arms and cursing, but he did not wait for the director. But attracted the attention of local residents who were trying to understand that Tony Clifton needed and where the shark.

Speech by Tony Clifton in 1977

“Clifton” constantly shouted, swore and insulted people on the set, and then demanded to change the script or remake the scene. At such times, no one could reach Kerry – he was completely immersed in the role. Once, after another trick, the director called Jim and complained that he can not work with people like Andy Kaufman and Tony Clifton. To which Kerry suggested: “Let’s fire them, I’ll play in their place.” I can very well imitate people. ” For a while there was silence at the other end of the wire.

Most of the time no one knew what was real and what was not. I did not understand where the reality is, but where the fiction is. You just followed Andy and Tony, wherever they dragged you. Their emotions were often very real.

Jim carrey

While studying in high school Kaufman and his girlfriend conceived a daughter, who later was given to an orphanage. Comedian never met her, and she only learned about her origin in 1992. One day a girl named Maria Bellu-Colonna came to the shooting of “The Man on the Moon”. According to Kerry, he, that is, Andy, spent more than an hour talking with his daughter about her life, her motives and feelings.

When it came time to shoot the final years of Kaufman’s life, who died of lung cancer at 35, Kerry continued to act out the role outside the cells. He hardly got out of the car on a wheelchair when he was brought to the shooting. He began to talk less, grew tired and looked exhausted. With this changed and the atmosphere on the set: the team sadly watched as Kerry in the image of Andy with difficulty moving around the site.

Kerry in the image of Andy Kaufman. Shot from the film “The Man on the Moon”

“Man on the Moon” did not fight off at the box office, collecting only 47 million dollars at a cost of 52-82 million, but critics were pleased. For the main role in the film, Kerry won the Golden Globe Award, as well as several nominations. After filming, the actor was once again asked to participate in a clip dedicated to the comedian, but he refused, trying to get out of the image. “At that moment I was trying to figure out who I was.”

I stopped understanding who I was when the shooting ended. I did not know what my political views were. I forgot what kind of person I am. At some point, I realized that I was unhappy, because I had returned to my problems. I returned to my broken heart. And suddenly I thought, “You felt so good being Andy, because you felt free from yourself, you were on leave from Jim Carrey.” And now you cross the threshold of the door and do not know what will happen next. And on the other side – all at the same time. You see, everything.

Jim carrey

Relationships that turned into litigation

In “The Man on the Moon” Kerry first tried himself in the image of a real person. He continued in the future. In 2009, he played in the movie “I Love You, Philip Morris”, playing the role of rogue Steven Russell, who ran four times from prison. The plot is dedicated to the love relationship between Russell and the American Philip Morris during their joint serving time in prison.

Because of the abundance of romantic scenes, the film was almost banned from being shown in the US, but after the demand of the distributor, the authors cut out some of the explicit scenes of same-sex love. In prison, Russell failed to see the film completely, but from the Internet, he concluded that Kerry performed his role perfectly, although the actor never met him and only heard the voice on the record. The fraudster noted that the book, and then the film of the same name, helped him not to “go crazy” in prison.

Catriona White and Jim Carrey. Photo by Daily News

Three years later, 51-year-old Kerry began dating with 28-year-old make-up artist Catriona White from Ireland, who worked with many famous actors and artists, including David Hasselhoff and Lindy Greenwood. A few months later the couple dispersed, but again reunited three years later. September 24, 2015, the lovers parted for the second time, and five days later, White committed suicide, taking a large dose of tablets.

The last Tweet White a few days before suicide: “I’m leaving Twitter, I hope I was a ray of light for my loved ones. Love to all of you »

“My heart is with her family, friends and all those who loved and remembered her. We were all struck by lightning, ” Kerry commented on the death of the former lover. Soon the details of the girl’s suicide note became known, in which she accused the actor of her death. Because of him, she allegedly encountered drugs and prostitution, and also contracted sexually transmitted diseases.

With the death of the girl, a little time passed when her ex-husband and mother filed a lawsuit against Kerry. The lawsuit referred to that he illegally brought her medicines, although he knew about her prolonged depression, and also infected her with “hepatitis A, herpes and chlamydia.” The comedian rejected all accusations, but the information quickly spread to the media. The reputation of the actor, balancing on the brink of a new depression, buckled.

Kerry with White’s relatives at the funeral. Getty Photos

Kerry was supposed to stand trial in April 2018, if not for a new turn in the case. In January, the actor’s lawyers proved that the charges against him were fabricated, and the results of White’s analyzes of venereal diseases are a fake. As it turned out, the girl even during her life blackmailed the former lover with documents about the tests that she took from her friend. After this, the mother and ex-husband of the deceased withdrew the claims. Kerry did not speak out about the results of the case and did not criticize the girl.

Two years of silence

The actor never publicly stated that he was suffering from depression because of the death of a former lover. But in the past, he talked about fighting psychological problems that he tried to defeat with antidepressants. When this stopped helping, he went in for sports, refused alcohol and smoking. After the death of White, Kerry began to gradually move away from public life.

In 2016, the actor played in two scenes – in the dystopia “Bad Party” and the detective drama “The Present Crime”, where he played the role of investigator of the slaughter department. The public was worried about Kerry’s emotional state in 2017, when he grew a long beard and appeared in such an image on the transfer of Jimmy Kimmel Live !, and a few months later gave a somewhat strange interview at a fashion show in New York. He said that he came here in an attempt to “find the most meaningless event,” and then added that people – “this is a clot of energy dancing by itself.”

At some point, Kerry was so tired of the calls of troubled friends that he shot a six-minute film, ” I needed a color .” In it, he revealed that he had completely immersed himself in drawing, since this occupation helps him cope with a bad mood. “Drawing frees me: from the future, from the past, from regrets and excitement,” says Kerry.

Sometimes artists come to the actor’s studio, and some of his works buy galleries. Among the paintings of Kerry, political cartoons are prominently highlighted – he pays special attention to Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin: the actor suspects the American president of secret links with the Kremlin. In February 2018, Kerry removed his profile on Facebook, promised to sell the company’s shares and called on fans to do the same, as the social network allegedly contributed to Russia’s intervention in the US presidential election in 2016.

It is not known whether Kerry’s political position influenced his long-standing friendship with ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, whom he met on his first trip to Moscow in 2004. That year he went to Russia with producer Bob Van Ronkel, who, according to The Moscow Times , promised to fulfill the comic’s dream and allow him to fly on the MiG fighter. Instead, the actor went to a few nightclubs and visited the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. At first, the guards refused to let a man in a T-shirt and shorts, but after she found out who was in front of them, she apologized and asked for an autograph.

At the same time, Kerry met with ballerina Anastasia Volochkova. According to the actor, during the walk they were followed by armed bodyguards. “Before that, I’ve never been on a date with a beautiful girl and two assault rifles,” recalled the actor. As the Russian artist described in 2016, the couple continued to communicate after Kerry’s departure. He annually sent her and her daughter gifts for the holidays.

In the same trip in 2004, Kerry met billionaire Oleg Deripaska, and in 2013 met with members of the group Pussy Riot during a series of their performances in the US.

Returning to the TV show after almost 30 years

As the scriptwriter of the TV series “Kidding” Dave Holstein says , even at the stage of creating the project in 2010 he wanted to invite Kerry to the main role of Jeff Pickles. The plot narrates about the leading children’s television program, which for many years on the air taught the children to cope with difficulties, but as a result faced big problems in their own family.

Trailer of the show “I’m joking”

The premiere will be held September 9 on Showtime. The executive director of the channel David Nevins is sure that in the series the hero Kerry will combine his foolish image from “Ace Ventura and” Dumb and Dumber “with the dramatic role of” Eternal Sunshine of Pure Reason “. In the current children’s television there are no star icons that existed there more 30 years ago, and the hero of Kerry should disclose the burden of these changes.

The actor himself is still immersed in drawing and finishing his own book, the title and release date of which are not disclosed. In November 2019, the rental will feature a feature film with animation elements “Hedgehog Sonic”, where the comedian will play the main villain, Doctor Eggman. On the journalist’s question about whether the return to the comic image is related to the wishes of the fans, 56-year-old Kerry responds negatively – he is not interested in the market’s requests. But he admits that he would like to earn an Oscar one day.

I hear voices, I hear people say, “Why can not he just be funny?”. Such things never mattered to me. For me it’s more like an experiment. If you like it, fine, if not, it’s great too. Tomorrow we will try something else.

Jim carrey
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