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Jim Carrey called for a boycott of Facebook because of the profit on “Russian intervention”

The actor sold all his shares to the company and deleted his page.

American actor Jim Carrey said that he sold all of his available Facebook shares and deleted the page in the social network. He explained his actions by the fact that the company “benefited from Russian interference in the elections”, and later did not make enough effort to stop this influence.

He added that he calls for doing the same for everyone who has invested in Mark Zuckerberg’s company, but he cares about the future of America.

Later, Kerry sent an official statement to journalists, in which he called social networks “cyberbloods” through both the oceans that protect America. According to the actor, these bridges can also include those who do not care about the interests of the inhabitants of the continent.

No wall will protect us from this. We must encourage owners of social networks to increase their supervision. It is more important to take this easy access. We need more investor-activists who could tell about the need to increase supervision. Now the world needs conscious capitalism.

Jim carrey
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