Flight tests of the first Turkish helicopter began


MDx media / YouTube

A promising multipurpose helicopter T-625, the first car of this class, developed in Turkey, on September 6, 2018 made its first flight. According toFlightglobal, the duration of the first flight of the car was 10 minutes. The completed inspections are recognized as completely successful.

As the development of aviation technology passes several stages, and the first flight is one of the most important. It allows you to check the correctness of design decisions, to evaluate some flight characteristics of the aircraft, to check the operation of its engines, airborne equipment, stability and controllability.

During tests on September 6, the T-625 helicopter ran along the runway, and then a vertical take-off. The car climbed to a small height, after which the test pilots tested it in hovering mode, lateral slip and rotation. Then the helicopter landed.

During the first flight, specialists checked the operation of the CTS800 turboshafts and helicopter control systems. In the near future test flights T-625 will continue. By 2020, the Turkish company Turkish Aerospace Industries plans to receive a T-625 type certificate, and from 2021 to launch serial production of the helicopter in civil and military versions.

Development of the multi-purpose twin-engine helicopter T-625 has been underway since 2013. The weight of the new car will be about five tons. The helicopter can carry up to 12 passengers, and its crew will consist of two people. The maximum take-off weight of the helicopter is about six tons. The T-625 will be able to reach speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour and operate flights up to 740 kilometers.

In February 2017, the Turkish company TUSAS Engine Industries started developing a new turbo-shaft engine for the T-625. The new power plant will have to replace the LHTEC CTS800 turboshafts developed by the British company Rolls-Royce and the American Honeywell with serial helicopters.

It is expected that TUSAS will spend about eight years developing a new helicopter power plant. The new engine will be able to develop power up to 1,400 horsepower (1,044 kilowatts). The main parameters of the powerplant have not yet been determined. As expected, the mass production of engines will begin in the mid-2020s.

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