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Elon Musk smoked marijuana during an interview on the stream

But admitted that it does not very often because of the “lack of effect.”

On September 7, the head of Elon Musk came to the American comedian Joe Rogan in his podcast “Joe Rogan Experience”, which was recorded live. During the 2.5-hour stream, Rogan started smoking “twist” (video – 2:10:00). The head of Tesla and Space X clarified whether this was legal in California, after which he was dragged out one time.

Musk: This is a joint? Or a cigar?

Rogan: It’s marijuana with tobacco. Tried this?

Musk: I think it was once.

Rogan: Probably, you will not be because of the shareholders.

Musk: Is this legal?

Rogan: Totally.

Musk: Okay. * Prolonged *

As noted by the journalist The Guardian Julia Wong, a few minutes after this, Musk began to receive messages on the phone. “I write friends in the style of” What the hell, do you smoke grass? “, – said the businessman on the air. Also Musk noted that he rarely smokes marijuana and does not notice any effect from it.

In August, 2018 edition of The New York Times, citing sources in Tesla’s board of directors told about the musk takes recreational drugs. Also in social networks, they suspected that he had written a tweet about the privatization of the company under the influence of “grass” because of the intention to set the price per share at around $ 420. During the recording of the podcast, Musk repeated that he considers marijuana to be harmful to his own productivity.

After finishing the recording, Musk published a video version of the interview on Twitter. And most of the commentators discussed exactly smoking “grass” on the air.

“Joe Rogan Experience” is one of the most popular podcasts in the US, notesBloomberg. In addition to the episode with marijuana, in the episode Musk described the state of affairs in Tesla, his own mental health and attitude to negative comments in social networks.

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