Do smartphones emit electromagnetic waves that are hazardous to health?

Smartphones and mobile phones have long become an indispensable assistant in everyday life. With their help, we can always communicate with close people, with friends or at work – situations are many.

But as is known, any technical progress has certain consequences. Does the mobile device harm a person?

How a mobile phone works

Cellular phone – a mobile phone intended for work in networks of cellular communication; uses a radio frequency transceiver and traditional telephone switching for making telephone communications in the coverage area of ​​the cellular network. [ Wiki ]

This, in fact, a complex high-tech electronic device for mobile communications. Includes – a transceiver for 2-4 microwave range, a specialized control controller, interface devices, display, battery.

The cellular device constantly communicates with various base stations. When moving, the smartphone periodically switches from one station to another, maintaining the best signal level. This happens even if the device is in the standby mode (the screen is locked).

I think we should not dive into the complexity of technological processes for the transmission of radio signals. I’ll try to tell the basic things “on the fingers.”

The walls of the building retain radio waves in the range 1-2 GHz, reducing the signal power by 10-20 dB, i.е. in 10-100 times. Due to the peculiarities of communication standards, not every additional power can become available when the phone is taken out.

The attenuation of radio waves is proportional to the square of the distance traveled. What does it mean? Let’s say that the distance from the antenna tightly pressed to the ear of the tube to the cortex is 1 cm. Then, pushing the tube away from the ear by 1 cm, you increase the distance to the brain by half, and the radiated power of the antenna of the smartphone will decrease by 4 times.

Radio waves, even those as short as 1800 MHz – are polarized. For this reason, it is important that the transmitting and receiving antennas be oriented in the same way (preferably vertically). With a simple change in the orientation of the GSM tube from vertical to horizontal, the level of the signal received from the base station is reduced by an average of 5 dB (3 times).

Harm from a mobile device

Electromagnetic radiation of the radio frequency range, generated by the smartphone, is absorbed by the tissues of the head (brain, retina, structures of the visual and vestibular and auditory analyzers). And the radiation acts on both individual organs and the entire nervous system.

Scientists have repeatedly proved that electromagnetic waves cause the heating of tissues. Over time, this affects the functioning of the entire body, in particular, the work of the nervous, cardiovascular and endocrine systems. Many users can estimate this on themselves – is it possible that you experience an unpleasant warm-up (chromosome aberrations) around your ear? The greatest risk is for people under 30 years old.

In addition, scientists argue that children using smartphones are at increased risk of memory and sleep disorders. The main reason is electromagnetic radiation of low intensity, capable of penetrating into the thinner skull of the child. At him, so we will tell, shielding lowered.

You told me the horrors here. How then to secure yourself?

First of all, you need to try to lower the frequency of using a mobile device. For example, reduce the duration of calls to 2-3 minutes at a time, and a day – up to half an hour. You can use a speakerphone or a wireless headset – there’s an effect on the brain is minimal.

Bad sleep at night? Then put the smartphone away. It affects the body even in standby mode. And when carrying the device, do not put it in your pocket, use a bag, backpack, anything – the minimum distance to the gadget should be at least 50 cm.

Note that in the case of screening (a machine, a reinforced concrete room), the density of the electromagnetic radiation flux (EMR), which affects a person, is greatly amplified. so try to use the device near windows that transmit radiation.

What’s more important – do not use the smartphone in places with obviously bad signal level, such as metro, elevator, cellar and others. There, the problem arises not only in screening, but also in the frequency of finding the optimal signal level.

Do not use the smartphone to your ear when there is no or network search. At this moment, the radiation is above all. When choosing a gadget, try to find out about the radiation level (SAR) – the smallest indicator will be the best.

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