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“Bear Kuzya with a broken heart instead of females now loves food”: the life of the Omsk zoo in 11 headings

Apathy in animals, loss of a former physical form, a crisis of middle age and family problems – all as in adults.

The agency “SuperOmsk” very much likes to talk about animals from the local Bolsherechensky zoo. The protagonist of the publication is the Himalayan bear Kuzya. In March 2018, he became famous in social networks because of the headline “SuperOmsk”: “In the Omsk region the first bear woke up and immediately fell into apathy”.

After that, journalists began to closely monitor Kuzej. For several months he managed to suffer because of unrequited love for the bear Krokhe, fall into depression, get out of it and again lose interest in life.

As already wrote “SuperOmsk”, for many years he was in love with a neighbor in the aviary, the bear Crow, but received from her instead of confessions of love only the cold indifference. No matter how many employees of the zoo tried to bring Kroha away from Kuzey, nothing came of it. The crumb snapped and even beat the groom, and Kuzya suffered and suffered.

from the material “Super Omsk”

A tragedy in four acts from the Omsk agency.

Twitter users have found a lot in common with the bear Kuzey.

By the tag “Zoo” on the site “SuperOmsk” you can find other news from the life of local animals. Some are experiencing a loss of physical fitness, others quarrel with partners and “resent men”, others struggle with bouts of laziness. Everything is like in real life.

PS Meme case “Do not try to leave Omsk” still lives.

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