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A resident of Chelny rescued a lynx victim

Autoclinic autograd refused to help the wounded animal and then the savior took him to another city.

The lynx victim brought a resident of Naberezhnye Chelny to the veterinary clinic of Yelabuga. This was reported in the VKontakte group.

According to the men, at night on the territory of one of the bases of the highway the dogs were chasing a young rabbit. On the morning of September 5, the shuttle man discovered a wild animal by the fence. He decided to help the weakened hare and began to call up local veterinary clinics. However, everywhere I heard a refusal to help.

Then the man through zoozaschitnikov learned the address of the Elabuga institution and drove the little rabbit there. There the veterinarians examined him, diagnosed him and injected him. The man decided that he would carry a haremaker to a nearby town before he recovered.

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