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19-year-old Muscovite Diana Bagautdinova became the best welder of Russia.

Diana won the WorldSkills All-Russia Welding Contest, being the only girl who took part in it. Despite the young age, the girl has the fifth rank, to which many go for years.

“There were four modules in the competitions, which included four types of welding. One of them was argon-arc. Initially, the expert told me that I was in the top three, but I did not know that I would have the first place, “said the young welder.

To believe that at the highest step of the pedestal the girl will stand, many rivals were not ready, but wished Diana good luck in future competitions. And really very soon the European Championship. With the training of a young welder, a mentor helps.

“In the framework of the championship we do not directly assess the color of the seam, but it affects the external color of the product, so we try to achieve a better appearance, so that the jury would assess the most loyal,” said mentor Mikhail Pavlenko.

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