“Reality – for the sad”

The art project 2D Among Us in “VKontakte” complements the Russian reality with the heroes of games and cartoons

One of the notable trends in Western and Russian social networks in recent years is an artistic reinterpretation of reality by imposing unreal, conditional, drawing characters or decor elements on ordinary photographs.  drew attention to the rapidly growing community of 2D Among Us in “VKontakte”, the authors of which inhabit the Russian reality with the heroes of cartoons, games, paintings and comics, and talked with its founder Valery Pereulkov.

About launching

About how the idea of ​​the community has appeared, we are asked not for the first time, and each time we do not know how to answer it at all. You can say: “Everything has appeared,” and such an answer can be considered the most correct.

A small dialogue, a night, a few people and an inappropriately sent picture with Arnold, and after that the phrase: “Maybe, public?”

The picture with which it all began

About the team

Initially, only a couple of people were involved in the project, only my acquaintances. We had enthusiasm, which lashed, so we did quite a lot of pictures a day. Then came other people – those who want to insert their favorite character into the familiar realities, some of them were drawn into the process, others left, but it is very difficult to name specific people. Probably a dozen people, no less. Calling their names does not make much sense – almost all posts are signed.

And we take the idea in a simple way – we do on those characters that we like. This brings good memories and a little warmth to the soul.

About growth

We were a very small community, until suddenly we were not helped. To help just like that, and it was amazing. I wrote to one person, I wanted to spend money on reposting in his community, and he just took it and said that it can be advertised “for nothing.” Some media reported about us, magazines took interviews, people themselves carried our pictures around the Internet.

And it turned out that now in the community there are already more than sixteen thousand people, and almost all of them are the result of gratuitous assistance. We even created a discussion with thanks, where almost all the communities and websites that helped and helped us have inscribed.

About your favorite pictures

We love those posts that make us see the beautiful in the environment – for example, the fusion of the sky from the paintings of Van Gogh and the architecture of St. Petersburg. The ability to see in everyday something fantastic is an important quality, especially today.

About monetization

We are not going to turn into public posts, which advertise posts of the level “subscribe to finish reading” and the like. I think that cooperation will only be with those projects that are good in themselves and interesting.

About Prospects

In this we have many directions and ideas: from entering the real world from the Internet to some larger works. It seems to us that the content should be very elaborate, one that touches the viewer, changes its behavior and leaves its imprint. Perhaps in the future we will do something more impressive and self-sufficient.

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