Public: Russian reality with a painted sky

A student from Chelyabinsk takes photographs of old Khrushchev and high-rise buildings – and changes the sky to them “to see their homeland in color, not in grayness.”

In 2016, a student from Chelyabinsk Vlad Kapichay began creating collages under the influence of the public 2D Among Us . He takes photographs of Russian reality, after which he changes the original sky to them. So on the pictures there is a sky with pictures of famous artists or modern art. The author publishes the works in the public domain ” Kapichay “.

Kapichay told  that at first he was doing very badly, but eventually he began to meet his collages in other communities. In this series of works, a resident of Chelyabinsk tried to show the contrast between old Khrushchev and the same type of multi-storey houses with bright skies and lush clouds.

Most of the photos of Kapichay take from Russia, because for him it is “native”. He prefers working also with pictures of Russian photographers. “I’m more interesting with them. I do not know why, perhaps because they have a soul in them, “the collage author added.

I want to see my homeland in color, and not in the grayness in which it is now.

Vlad Kapichay
In addition to the series with the painted sky, the publisher has other works. One of the last – a joint project with the art association MXD, the authors of the art ” Russia-2077 ” and ” Union of Soviet Surrealist Republics .” In ” Picturesque” VKontakte “ they” displayed functions and some elements of the social network on the example of the paintings of great artists, and designed it so that it was not only funny in the topic, but also interesting. “
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