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“I’m part of the resistance”: a White House employee wrote an anonymous letter that trumpeted Trump

The president called the NY Times journalists “dishonest” and noted that they will have nothing to do after his departure.

On September 5, The New York Times published in the opinions section an anonymous letter from a senior White House official. The appeal, which is called “I am part of the resistance in the Trump administration,” refers to his incompetence and a group of subordinates who oppose his decisions. The president almost immediately reacted to the letter, noting that the NY Times editorial was full of dishonest people.

The main thing from anonymous letter

The editors of the NY Times said that they had published a letter without the name of the author. At the same time, journalists stressed that they know exactly the person’s identity.

An official from the inner circle of Donald Trump confessed to a “sabotage” inside the administration of the White House, directed against the decisions of his president. According to him, this is due to incompetence, impulsiveness, irresponsibility and immorality of the head of state. The White House employee explained that he did not want to let the country harm the president.

The author of the letter accused Trump of violating the basic democratic principles of the United States and of deviating from the postulates of the Republican Party from which he was elected.

Trump faces such challenges during the presidency, with which no modern American leader has come across. But it’s not just the investigation of the special prosecutor or the fact that the country under Trampe is heavily divided. And not even that his party could lose the advantage in Congress.

The dilemma he is not fully aware of is that many of the high-ranking officials in his administration are working diligently from within to disrupt parts of his agenda and prevent his worst plans.

I know. Because I’m one of them.

from an anonymous letter to the NY Times

Anonymous said that Trump is extremely emotional, and also does not have a clearly expressed position or competence on most of the questions. According to the letter, the president constantly loses focus and changes the agenda of meetings, can not concentrate on one thing and sometimes becomes absolutely unpredictable.

It follows from the text that most of the decisions taken by the White House meet resistance from the president himself. Trump allegedly openly expressed irritation with the next sanctions against Russia and asked to stop the sanctions policy towards Moscow.

NY Times published the material against the background of discussions about the possible impeachment of Trump. His initiation is possible if Democrats in the forthcoming midterm elections in Congress gain sufficient majority in both chambers. The author of the anonymous letter himself, a Republican who cites John McCain as an example, considers impeachment as a fairly realistic scenario, however, as it appears from the text, inside the administration of the White House they are afraid of a serious constitutional crisis.

Trump’s wrathful reaction

The president criticized the journalists on the day of the publication of the anonymous letter. Trump said that after he left office (“When this happens, in 6.5 years”), the NY Times, CNN and other “fake” media will have nothing to do.

According to Trump, the NY Times has been substituted, having published the letter not openly, but anonymously. The President noted that such materials do not matter, and called the editorial office of the newspaper “full of dishonest people.”

On Twitter, Trump first published a record with one word “Gosizmena?”. Then he doubted whether the author of the anonymous letter existed in reality, and urged the NY Times to reveal his identity.

“Does this senior administration official really exist or is it a fiction of the NY Times?” If this cowardly anonymous author does exist, then in the name of national security the newspaper should immediately issue it »

The administration of the White House officially demanded an apology from the NY Times. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders called the anonymous column “pathetic, reckless and selfish.”

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