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The slogan “Glory to Ukraine” appeared on the form of the Ukrainian national team

It became popular in 2013-2014 among the supporters of “Euromaidan”.

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The national team of Ukraine presented new sets of the game form: on the reverse side the slogan “Glory to Ukraine” appeared. The presentation was held on September 4, and the manufacturer of the equipment was Joma. This was reported by the press service of the Football Federation of Ukraine.

The first set – completely yellow, the second – blue with thin yellow stripes along the edges of the sleeves and shorts. The third one is white. The inscription “Glory to Ukraine” is located on the back of each T-shirt just above the surname.

As noted by RBC, the slogan “Glory to Ukraine – heroes glory!” Was popular with Ukrainian nationalists during the Great Patriotic War. It was re-used by supporters of “EuroMaidan” in 2013-2014. Peter Poroshenko proposed to make the slogan a new greeting in the Ukrainian armed forces.

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