The sky in a ball or Decoration with clouds

All greetings, today I will show not the usual florets / dandelions in resin, but something new for me)

Recently I mastered the manufacture of such spheres with clouds inside.

In the work I used the idea found on the expanses of pinterest, where I found the way to translate it (with the Japanese, the inventive people!) Along with the Google translator.

Bright sky imitates a turquoise dye, and clouds are made of artificial material. So far, I’ll give you the opportunity to guess in the comments, what is the role of clouds)

Spheres and hemispheres from epoxy resin give an excellent volume of filling, and from different sides decorations look interesting in their own way)

Maybe in time I’ll supplement the clouds with birds, parachutes or something else flying if I order materials, but for now I’m glad that I managed to put the sky in a small ball.

What do you think, do these spheres really resemble the sky in the clouds?

Cozy and warm autumn for everyone!

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