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Photo: The first android-cashier “Teremka” Marousia

Put the touch terminals for ordering in the restaurant chain do not want.

“Android-cashier” Marusya. Photo by
 Photo by

“Teremok” showed “the world’s first android-cashier in the catering industry” named Maroussia. Photo from the Moscow press center of RIA Novosti published several journalists, including a correspondent of CNews Igor Korolev.

"Android-cashier" Marusya. Photo by Igor Korolev
“Android-cashier” Marusya. Photo by Igor Korolev

Representatives of Terem noted that Maroussia can support the conversation “almost like a person” and knows how to “attract visitors”. The android has a tablet and payment system, it also prints checks.

The first sketches of Marousi. photo Igor Korolev

The first robot will work from September 6 in the Moscow shopping center “Columbus”, but it will not stand in the “Teremka”, but on a dedicated territory at the entrance to the shopping center.

In order to make the robot as resembling a human as possible, experts took into account the following points: the growth of the android does not exceed 160 cm; the robot mimics human gestures; The model is equipped with animated “live” eyes and a pleasant voice; The robot is able to recognize the faces and speech of the visitor; For the robot was developed a pleasant appearance.

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Shortly before the presentation of Marusya owner of the “Teremka” Mikhail Goncharov said that the restaurant chain is not going to put touch terminals for self-order, as, for example, in McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC. According to Goncharov, Teremok is going to launch an order system through smartphones.


The development of “Teremka” actually turned out to be a robot promoter Alfa Robotics KIKI. The device was introduced in late 2015. KIKI is managed via the Internet or local networks using Wi-Fi and mobile 4G networks.

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