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Opera presented its vision of the future browser

Opera company has released the concept browser Opera Neon, allowing to look into the future of the web browser.

As noted by the developers, Neon was created in order to give users the opportunity to focus their attention on the most important thing on the Internet – content.

The “browser of the future” is built on the Blink engine, however, unlike other similar programs, the concept browser is actually created from scratch. It has an unusual, stylish interface and a set of new useful features.

After launching users are greeted with “floating” Speed ​​Dial icons, allowing you to quickly navigate to frequently visited websites, and a new kind of address bar for Omnibox to search and enter URLs, and as wallpaper is the “wallpaper” of the desktop computer.

Tabs and shortcuts are presented in the form of bubbles, and to manage the program is the left sidebar. Opera Neon allows you to instantly save screenshots of web pages and share them in instant messengers, as well as play music and videos in the background.

Another feature of the web browser is the ability to open two sites at once: just drag one of the tabs to the top of the window.

According to the developers, Opera Neon is not a replacement for the existing Opera browser. At the same time, some of the functions presented in it are planned to be implemented in Opera this spring.

Download the “browser of the future” on Windows and MacOS right now by visiting the official website of Opera.

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