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Google Chrome browser – 10 years old

How one program forever changed the Internet.

Since the release of the first public beta version of Google Chrome has passed 10 years. From the very beginning, the browser was positioned as “fast, stable and secure” and many news publications were then convinced of this ( TechCrunch , PCWorld , CBC , AllThingsD ).

Retrospective from CNET: Sundar Pichai presents Google Chrome

Specially to the output of the browser was made a comic , telling about its main advantages and internal device. Quite quickly after the release of the first stable version, Chrome already used 1% of Internet users.

The first video about the capabilities of the new browser at that time.

The simplicity of the interface, fast loading of pages, the presence of numerous extensions, and later the pre-installation on Android – all this played a role in the rapid spread of the browser among users. For four years , Google Chrome was able to beat all competitors by the number of users, and by 2015 to overcome the mark of 1 billion users.

By now, Chrome occupies more than 65% of the market for all browsers ( more than 55% in Russia), for which it is sometimes called the “new IE”.

The market of desktop browsers in Russia (January 2009 – August 2018) // StatCounter data

The openness of the source code of the project on which the browser is based (Chromium) and the attention of the browser community to the community of web developers also helped him to earn the people’s trust. The company’s policy, aimed at creating not so much ordinary sites as browser-based web applications, led to the development of many technologies and web standards. Based on the WebKit engine (and later Blink), numerous browser clones appeared. Some of them became popular, for example, ” Yandex.Browser ” or a new Opera , some became memes .


By the 10th anniversary of the program released the September update to version 69 it’s a major change in the appearance of the browser: Now it no longer matches the style Material Design – «less sharp edges and more roundness.”

69 version, September 2018 // source


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