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Elon Musk again accused pedophilia of rescued children in Thailand diver

It seems that the businessman apologized only in public, but in fact did not change his mind.

Elon Musk, photo Techworld

In correspondence with BuzzFeed News via e-mail, Elon Musk called rescuer Verne Answort “a child abuse” and accused of marrying a 12-year-old girl. He specified that he “hopes” for the promised legal action on the part of the diver.

Musk returned to attacking the diver in one of the letters he sent “off the record”. For journalists for ethical reasons, it is not customary to use information with such a note, since the speaker does not expect his words to be published after that.

However, BuzzFeed News explained that the practice of “not recording” is possible only when both sides agree to conduct a conversation in this format. The publication noted that they did not agree with this condition in the correspondence, but did not explain whether it was done before or after the message by Musk.

BuzzFeed News Screenshot

Correspondence of the publication with the entrepreneur began with a comment request. Journalists wanted to know the opinion of the musk about the threat of the trial, which was made by the lawyer of the rescuer in August 2018.

The businessman answered twice, in the first report he called the journalists “fucking assholes”. Musk invited them to contact all friends in Thailand, to find out what was happening and “stop protecting the abusers of children.” After this, the entrepreneur stated that Answorth moved to Thailand to marry a minor girl.

He is an old lonely guy from England who traveled or lived in Thailand for 30-40 years mainly on Pattaya beach, until he moved to Chiang Rai to marry the bride, who at that time was 12 years old.

Elon Musk in correspondence with BuzzFeed News

Head Tesla separately noted that the threat of legal action for some reason “magically” appeared only when he himself raised this issue on Twitter. On August 28, Musk responded to the user under the pseudonym yoda about the situation with the diver, hinting that he continues to consider him a pedophile, since he did not sue him because of false accusations. At the end of the message, Musk added that he hoped for the promised trial.

“You did not think it was strange that he did not sue me? But he was even offered a free lawyer. And you call yourself yoda … “

As noted in BuzzFeed News, it is unclear why Musk confidently continues to consider Ansvorta a pedophile. The head of Tesla did not provide any evidence in favor of this version, and the journalists could not find any complaints about the diver in his past.

In BuzzFeed News, talked with the migration services of Thailand, where they told that those who violated the law in the country usually do not issue a visa for entry anymore. Also, journalists contacted Waranan Ratrawiphukkun, who had been Answorth’s girl for a long time. She said that she was 40 years old, but refused to comment on the charges of Musk, sending reporters to a lawyer. Journalists also found out that in fact the rescuer’s lawyer sent Musk a warning about a possible prosecution in early August.

However, on this Musk did not stop and sent a second letter with a note “for clarification”, in which he told about the details of the operation to save children in Thailand. According to the entrepreneur, Answorth’s statement that the head of Tesla was asked to leave is “absolutely false.”

BuzzFeed News Screenshot

Musk said that in fact the Prime Minister thanked him in writing and attached a copy of the document to the letter. Also, the businessman noted that during his time at the caves, he had never seen Answorth and was told that the rescuer was forbidden to approach the territory.

Gratitude that Musk sent by the Thai government
Gratitude that Musk sent by the Thai government

The head of Tesla paid special attention to the mini-submarine, which the diver criticized. Musk explained that it was developed according to specifications, which were obtained directly from the rescue team. The only reason she was not used, according to the businessman, was that almost all the water was pumped out of the caves. Musk also said that the most important in the rescue operation were pumps, which were provided by “some company from India.”

However, the media and the participants in the rescue operation maintain that although Answorth himself did not dive into the water, but was the only one who knew the caves well and personally hired some divers. For example, the rescuer Richard Stanton, who discovered the children, was referred to by the Musk on the correspondence with the submarine, he denied the entrepreneur’s words.

I have no idea where you got these statements from Verna. They are completely unfounded. He was never expelled from the territory and he worked until the end of the salvation [of the children]. He was the key to the whole operation.

Richard Stanton
a diver who first found children in Thai caves

Australian experts Richard Harris (Richard Harris) and Craig Kallen (Craig Challen), which the Thai authorities have involved in the operation, also opposed the Musk.

Verne seemed an excellent guy and was vital to the mission. You must be confusing with someone. This rescue would not have happened without his recommendations to call the British divers.

Richard Harris and Craig Cullen

As noted in BuzzFeed News, photos and videos published in Facebook by the girl Answorth and local media show that the rescuer was in place of the rescue operation. On some of them he poses with other British divers.

In a conversation with reporters, Richard Stanton also denied that the mini-submarine was not used only because of the cave able to deflate the water. The rescuer also began to deny that he gave Musk any technical characteristics necessary to build a submarine.

We did not use the submarine, because the rescue operation had already begun, and the device did not have the necessary life support systems. In fact, it was not sufficiently developed. But I think it can be useful in some cases and I hope that they will continue to work on it so that it can be used as an alternative in other scenarios of underwater rescue.

Richard Stanton in a conversation with BuzzFeed News

The conflict between Musk and Answort began on July 13, when the rescuer statedthat the submarine of the businessman was “completely useless” and could hardly have crossed even 50 meters inside the caves. In response, the head of Tesla called the diver a pedophile and said that his submarine could go all the way to the fifth cave where the children were. Soon after, Musk removed all the tweets and apologized, and the diver promised to file a suit against the businessman in court.

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