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“It’s not I who is a hero, but Sergei.” As a man from Vileika for 15 years cares about a paralyzed friend

Igor Buter and Sergei Polyak are friends since his youth. They live in one apartment in Vileyka, do not understand why young people like to correspond via social networks, and not to gather in the yard, and have for two half a thousand rubles a month. Of these, 350 are Sergeyeva’s disability pension. A man does not get up: after an accident, his hands and legs are paralyzed. For the last 15 years he has been replaced by Igor. “I’m already a nurse,” he laughs. “I can issue a document soon.”

Monitor on a hanger and delicious soups

“It’s already been a month for Serega.” Everything, the person was gone! Tightened the world wide web, – jokes Igor about his friend, letting us into the apartment. We caught Sergey at the computer. Suddenly. The monitor is suspended on the “crossbar” above the bed. With the help of a special program the man himself can control the mouse. “The camera follows the movements of the head, click automatic, when I stay in place,” explains Sergei the principle of the system, which he himself had recently met.

“My life has changed,” he rejoices at the new program. “Now I can read the news myself.” Before, when Igor does not come, I do not know anything. And I can call him through the Internet when he went off somewhere on business.

The crossbar to which the monitor is attached is replaced by an ordinary hanger on wheels. Themselves came up with friends, Igor boasts.

– We were going to buy a special table first. We did not find it, we had to take it from Russia. Two million would be worth (before the denomination.) – Auth. A hanger – only 300 thousand. At the friend’s wife, Lyudka, the trading pavilion in Minsk. They brought this thing to us.

On Igor – the role of housewives. And, I must say, he’s doing quite well. The apartment is an ideal order – you can not even say that it’s bachelor.

– I’m such an economic man. You see, what we bought cool photoshop? – Igor shows on bright tropical curtains. “Seryoga lies under the palm tree!” Positive!

With the menu of friends, too, everything is fine. I mastered the finish.

“I have soups!” The second dishes are not very, but soups … Friends said: no one does this wife. This I can boast of. Years of training, but I learned how to cook them.

In the plans of the master’s friend – to knock out for Serega a new special mattress (this one has already begun to crumble) and take the cat home (“The animal is more cheerful yet”).

“I surfaced with my back, and the guys thought I was joking”

From the vital, we return to what happened 23 years ago. Sergei, then a young fellow, just returned from the army (he had to serve in Turkmenistan) to his native Vileika. Gathered with the company on the river. Dived there is not the first time: before the depth was three and a half meters. But while the guy was in the army, the river was cleaned, sand was applied.

– The water was on the waist. And I did not even doubt for a moment, – the man recalls. “I knew because I was swimming in this place two years ago.” According to old memory I dive, and there immediately the bottom … I as a surfaced back, I understood: everything has gone. I do not feel neither arms nor legs. Was conscious. Friends soon pulled me out. I tell them: “Everyone, guys, Khan. Spine”. And they thought I was joking.

The ambulance arrived in time. Diagnosis is a fracture of the cervical spine with overlapping of the spinal cord. Doctors gave Sergei three days. The forecasts did not come true.

“They were afraid of carrying to the operation in Minsk, they thought, I will not transfer the road. On my own, my mother signed documents to transport, no matter what. The road, of course, was hard. The temperature has risen. Over night, probably, two liters of vodka were poured onto my chest. Everything quickly evaporated. No temperature could not be knocked down. Doctors said that if so goes, then a week later I’ll burn. In fact, every three days they took a picture of the lungs. They were afraid that I was picking up inflammation … But, as they say, the Lord mercy.

– What did you feel when you realized that now you will spend your entire life in bed? – It is always inconvenient to ask such questions.

– It became scary. You realize that you can not do basic things – drink, eat. It is necessary that someone in all helped. It’s scary – the word “scary” actually sounded more times.

First, Sergei was courted by his mother. When she was gone, Igor took care of his friend. Visit also comes Sergei’s sister, who lives now in another city.

– Were not you afraid of the prospect of being an nurse? All the same, not male work …

“No one thought about it.” The decision itself came, – says Igor and asks not to expose him as a hero: it’s Serega the young man that did not lose heart. – Previously, a nurse came, lives next door. But you have to learn: what do you, every time you tear off a person? She has her own business. At first it was difficult, but you get used to everything. I myself make dressings, I perestilatyu bed. Earlier it was necessary to call someone to be held on Sergei’s side, but now he was adjusting himself. Instead of the salary Igor has an allowance for caring for the disabled. Approximately 170 rubles a month. “Yes, enough for us. Do you need to feed the children? We are not poor. With our prices in Vileyka you can live. All the more, dressings were made free of charge to us. ”

A company of 15 people and real emotions

On the new sideboard in a few rows there are piles. Igor starts talking about alcohol.

– Friends come – sometimes we can drink a hundred. For the meeting. And so, I gave up this matter. A drunken man, so I can not. I used ten years. Maybe Serega helped to quit, who knows. Maybe he spoke up for me for God’s sake. So would have died somewhere from the “Vodary” somewhere.

We, meanwhile, leaf through the album with photos. Many are made in this room, and almost every one of them is a big company. “We have had 15 friends of friends as before, it remains. They did not run away anywhere. On the contrary, we somehow rallied. Families have some, but everyone visits, “men tell of their company with unconcealed pride.

They did not manage to acquire families themselves. The girl, whom Sergei once met, is married to another, has two children. But it corresponds with Sergey in social networks.

“Do not you regret not getting married?” – a question for Igor.

– No, normal, I’m used to it. The girl is in principle. Yes, we have friends some already divorced twice.

The fact that their friendship has been preserved since youth, men do not see anything surprising.

– We are old-schooled. Now somehow everyone for himself – we did not have this. We have been accustomed to sharing everything since the age of twenty. One after another we’ll tear.

– It seems to me that much still depends on the parents, – Sergey remarks. – Mom always, when my friends came, put everyone at the table. They could stay the night. And the guys never helped to refuse.

Quarrels and resentments, men admit, sometimes they happen. How without it? But they do not last long. Friends fall for a couple of hours – and go to the world.

– The most important thing for a person is a relationship. Without this, you are nobody, I am sure. – What do you think, the computer will give emotions? I do not argue, it’s needed. For those like Serega, this is generally an indispensable thing, but it’s not worth it to dwell on that internet.

– The boy calls us, also the “cervix”. He’s been lying for three years, – Sergey shares his story. – He has one or two friends left, no one else comes, they have forgotten. There was one poor fellow left. And they have such a tense relationship with their mother. In general, horror. She does not concede, he does not concede. Parents will come, they will give food, the computer will be put and that’s all. He says: I envy you … Maybe we were lucky?

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