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Cultures of peoples. Dog as food in China

The dog’s meat has long been a popular food in the north-east and south of China and in recent years is becoming popular in other places. One farmer who grows dogs, gave an interview to the French information agency: “Dogs have high nutritional value, and their meat is tender and has a beneficial effect on kidney and spleen diseases.” The breed of dogs is not so important in terms of taste. They say that all species are very similar.

Dogs eat in China for at least 2000 years. The custom almost disappeared during the Cultural Revolution, when the Red Guards were killing dogs throughout the country that were associated with the bourgeois class. Dogs are also eaten in Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines and some other countries.

Dogs are sometimes stored in cages right behind the restaurants to show that the meat is fresh. Many omit their heads, sad eyes and flatten their ears, as if they know what their fate is. After they are slaughtered, their meat is soaked in cold water for about an hour before cooking. Some restaurants kill 30 to 40 dogs a day.

Paysian City is located in the heart of the doggy region of China. People there regularly eat soup from dogs, take sandwiches with dog meat and especially like to start their day with breakfast: hot soy milk and slices of an oily red dog wrapped in pita bread. About 300,000 dogs are grown every year. About half – for the local population, others are exported to different regions of China and to Korea. Portraits of collies, spaniels and beagles are found throughout the city.

In the picture: A bowl of potatoes (soup from a dog) // Photo: 보신탕 .jpg

Dog meat was banned in Beijing during the 2008 Olympic Games. Officially appointed restaurants for the Olympic Games were to remove it from the menu, and the waiters were ordered politely to offer alternatives to customers who insisted on their availability.

On the Internet, you can find many pictures of how dogs are kept, killed and cooked in restaurants.

Yes, there are dogs – disgusting, many will think, but how do cows, pigs, chickens differ from them?

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