Spectators “fell asleep from boredom” at the closed show Red Dead Redemption 2

At the GME Conference, Gamestop employees presented a demo version of the cowboy action game Red Dead Redemption 2. Contrary to expectations, the audience responded with restraint to the western, and some viewers even claimed to have fallen asleep at the event.

One participant called Red Dead Redemption 2 a riding simulator: they say, from a half-hour demonstration about half the time the hero galloped on a horse for guitar busting. Another noted that the episode with the bank robbery and shootout looked tolerable, but the game looks very raw – maybe the developers showed an early demo.

“Do not get it wrong: I still think that the game will be fantastic, but the demo was boring to watch,” – concludes another viewer.

The manager of Gamestop noted that Red Dead Redemption 2 definitely will appeal to everyone who was pleased with the first part of the action.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released on October 26 on consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4. On the development of a computer version of the official information there. Usually Rockstar games go on PC with a delay, but the cowboy thriller has remained a console exclusivity.

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