“Secret” Google Pixel 3 XL forgot in the taxi

Google smartphone Pixel 3 XL, which officially should present only in October, again proved to be in the hands of others ahead of time. This time the device was left in the service of passenger transport Lyft.

The driver of the car saw the mobile phone and at first thought that his own Google Pixel 2 XL somehow got into the back seat. But then I realized that this is another model, he told the edition of Android Police. Having photographed the device, the carrier contacted the passenger and returned him Google Pixel 3 XL.

It is possible that this is a deliberate leak: at least, it is difficult to believe in such a number of cases of inattentive attitude of Google employees with the future flagship. Previously, the device was filmed in a subway car, and then the test models Pixel 3 XL began to sell at all.

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