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From the rules “VKontakte” removed the item on the removal of user information. And soon returned

This was called a technical revision, but they were drawn to the attention of the media.

“VKontakte” changed the user’s rules , in particular, points 5 and 8. The first one talked about getting full access to the site functionality, in the second one – about removing all information when the profile was deleted. The press service of the social network explained to that these were technical changes, and restored point 8 back. The English version remained unchanged.

As the BBC drew attention, changes in the VKontakte rules occurred on September 3. However, the old version can be viewed in the Google archive. Changes including those may be related to the new privacy rules: social network added the ability to close the profile for all who are not friends, hid the list of repatchers and announced asection on user data and government requests.

In addition, the item on the removal of information may be related to the law of Yarovaya. From July 1, 2018, social networks and instant messengers must store user data from Russia for six months and provide them at the request of the special services.

Item 5:

  • It was: “The user acquires full access to the use of the functionality of the Site (its data and commands), with the exception of non-activated data and commands, provided that the personal page is filled by more than thirty percent”;
  • Became: “The user agrees to receive through the services of the Administration of the Site and / or services of third parties electronic messages, sms and other types of newsletters, including. advertising and information content, including from the partners of the Site Administration. The right to use non-activated data and commands is granted to the User when the license agreement is executed in addition to the above conditions (see clause 1.2 of this Regulation).

Item 8:

  • It was: “Removing a user’s personal page means automatically deleting all information placed on it, as well as all information entered by the user at the time of registration”;
  • Became: “After deleting the personal page, the User loses access to the use of the site”.

In “VKontakte” told that they made “technical changes” in the rules section and did not expect that this would cause a reaction of the media and users. After that, in the social network returned to the 8 point clarification about user information.

Since the technical amendments aroused interest and resulted in a negative interpretation, we will soon add to paragraph 8.7 of the rules and add that deleting a personal page means deleting data and all information placed on it, with the exception of data whose temporary storage is necessary in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Thus, this includes posts, memes and all the rest of the content.

Press office of VKontakte

In “VKontakte” noted that no significant changes were made, and information about the removal of personal data remained at another point.

We have made several technical amendments to optimize the text of the Rules. There were no significant changes for the users. Detailed information on the destruction of personal data was and remains available in clause 5.1.5 of the User Information Protection Rules:

Personal data of the user is destroyed when: 
– the User removes data from his personal page; 
– the user’s own removal of his personal page using the “delete my page” functionality available to the User in the “My Settings” section; 
– removal by the Administration of the site of information placed by the User, as well as the user’s personal page in cases established by the rules of use (paragraphs 7.2.2 and 8.6.).

In the case of the removal of a personal page, the Administration of the Site keeps on its electronic media personal and other necessary data of the User during the period necessary and established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. In case of self-deletion of your personal page, the user has the right to restore his personal page within 210 days from the date of the individual deletion of the personal page.

Press office of VKontakte
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