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The strongest bite in the world

The power of a bite is a very important characteristic for any animal, because it is thanks to it that the animal not only looks for food, but also defends itself from enemies. We suggest you get acquainted with the list of the most powerful bites in the animal kingdom.

And you guess who will be in first place?

1. 25th place – Killer whale, PSI: 19000 – unknown 
Scientist still has not been able to find out the exact strength of the killer whale. There are only assumptions that the killer whale’s force can exceed 19,000 PSI.




2. 24th place – Piranha, PSI: unknown

The strength of the bite of this small fish is 30 times the mass of its body. Although the exact strength of her bite is also still unknown.



3. 23rd place – Leopard, PSI: 300-310 
One of the five “big cats” of the genus Panther is known for its athleticism and speed. Meetings with a leopard should be avoided, since it is almost impossible to escape from it.



4. 22nd place – Tiger Shark, PSI: 325 
This marine dweller is considered one of the most dangerous predators of the ocean. In fact, the power of the tiger shark bite is only 325.



5. 21st place – Hyenic dog, PSI: 340 
Although the appearance of this animal is a little unsightly, in terms of bite it is not much inferior to the pumas.



6. 20th place – Puma, PSI: 350 
Puma is not only one of the fastest animals, but also has a strong bite. Thanks to the muscular jaws and long canines, cougars easily bite into meat, tendons and muscles.



7. 19th place – Wolf, PSI: 406 
Wolves are wonderful hunters, and the strength of their bite is 406 PSI.



8. 18th place – Mastiff, PSI: 556 
It’s mastiffs, not pitbulls or rottweilers, that have the strongest bite among domesticated dogs.



9. 17th place – White Shark, PSI: 669 The 
bite of sharks is not very strong, but they do not really need it, because the main damage they do with their teeth.



10. 16th place – Lion, PSI: 691 The 
lion’s bite is not the strongest and therefore it is only 16th in our list.



11. 15th place – Jaguar, PSI: 700

Jaguars have the strongest bite with respect to body weight among the entire feline family.



12. 14th place – Brown bear, PSI: 850 The 
brown bear has the bite force reaching 850 PSI.



13. 13th place – Kodiak, PSI: 930 
Kodiak is the largest subspecies of the brown bear and one of the largest representatives of the bears.



14. 12th place – Amur tiger, PSI: 950 
Amur tigers can boast of powerful jaws and very sharp teeth.



15. 11th place – Cayman Turtle, PSI: 1000 
The strength of the bite of the Cayman Turtle reaches 1000 PSI.



16. 10th place – Bengal tiger, PSI: 1050 
The largest representatives of the cat family are famous for their strength and power.



17. 9th place – Hyena, PSI: 1100 
This is not a pretty animal with teeth, specially adapted for eating rough food and crushing large bones.



18. 8th place – Polar Bear, PSI: 1235 
These are some of the most powerful and hardy mammals on the planet that have a very powerful bite.



19. 7th place – Grizzly Bear, PSI: 1250 
These majestic animals have very strong teeth.



20. 6th place – Tuber shark, PSI: 1250

This type of fish has the strongest bite among all fish.



21. 5th place – Gorilla, PSI: 1300 
A strong bite gorilla is not due to the teeth, but to the strong neck and jaw muscles.



22. 4th place – Hippo, PSI: 1821 
These huge animals have very strong jaw muscles, and their bite is considered to be the strongest among all mammals.



23. 3rd place – Mississippian alligator, PSI: 2125 
This predator is considered one of the most vicious and deadliest in the world, and his bite is on the third place on our list.



24. 2nd place – Nile crocodile, PSI: 5000 
On the second place in the list is one of the most spiteful cannibals in all of Africa.



25. 1 st place – Ridge Crocodile, PSI: 7700 
The crested crocodile is considered the largest reptile inhabiting the planet at the moment. In addition, he is the owner of the strongest bite among all animals in the world.

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