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IFA 2018Sony introduced the clever dog Aibo for 200 thousand rubles. Gav!

Back in November 2017, Sony introduced the intelligent robot Aibo. Outwardly, this is a very pretty dog, which has all the skills of a four-footed pet. Until now, Aibo was sold exclusively in Japan, but now Sony is bringing the “smart” dog to the global market.

On the body of the pet there are 22 hinges that give Aibo movements realism. In total, the robot consists of 4 thousand parts.

In the heart of a four-legged friend installed Wi-Fi, LTE, a set of sensors, a speaker, four microphones and a quad-core processor.

The built-in battery lasts two hours of Aibo’s active work, but it takes about three hours to stand on the charge of the robotic pet.

According to the developers of Sony, Aibo constantly learns and develops depending on the environment in which it gets.


The cost of Aibo in Japan is $ 1,740, but for the international market the price tag is much higher. As early as September, the rossobak will be able to be purchased by anyone, giving $ 2899 or almost 200 thousand rubles.

For this impressive amount, the buyer will be provided with a set of toys, a charging station and an unlimited subscription to the Sony AI Cloud service, which provides Aibo access to additional functions. CNet ]

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