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10 interesting facts about pigeons.

1. Normal city pigeons are well-oriented in space and will always find their way home. Firstly, pigeons memorize landscape features on their way; secondly, they remember smells; thirdly, they have a “built-in compass”, with which they are guided by the sun. If one of these features fails, the bird can not find its way home. Stitch the pigeon back home, can banal artificial street lighting.

2. The researchers from Oxford University in the experiment equipped the birds with a GPS navigation system to track their route during the flight. During his journey, two pigeons had a choice, to return home separately or as a couple. Birds found a compromise and chose something mean – they went on a common route, close to their individual routes leading home. The fact that pigeons are able to obey the leader and follow him, but if the routes of the pigeons are absolutely different or directed in different directions, a compromise is not possible. It should be noted that pigeons in the pack overpass the route much more efficiently than alone.

3. One more interesting fact was encountered by researchers several years ago, when they realized that pigeons can distinguish people’s faces. During the experiment, two researchers approximately the same in composition and type related to the pigeons in different ways: one was kind, and the other during feeding chased after them in a cage. After a while, the researchers stopped appearing in front of the pigeons, but when they reappeared, the birds recognized them and began to shun those who had been aggressive in the past, despite the fact that he stood still.

4. Among the little-known facts about pigeons should be highlighted the ability of birds to memorize permanently certain information. Another experiment, conducted at the Mediterranean Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, was aimed at measuring the properties of pigeon memory in comparison with baboons. Doves and baboons were often shown a picture and color, and the animals had to remember the associations. Pigeons managed to remember from 800 to 1200 associations. Although they lost in the competition baboons – this is a good result.

5. Recently, studies have shown that pigeons are known for abstract mathematics. They tend to calculate their behavior, which was previously considered prerogative only of primates. During the experiment, three sets of objects were shown on the screen to three pigeons. In one set there was one object, in the second – two, and in the third – three. All the objects differed in color, shape and size. Pigeons accustomed to peck on the screen first set with one object, then with two, and later with three. When they unerringly performed what they were asked for, pigeons showed kits containing one to nine items, respectively. As a result, pigeons were able to distinguish between sets with one, two and three subjects, although they were not taught that there could be more than three items. This experiment showed,

6. Many facts about the role of pigeons in the history of mankind are absent in textbooks. But everyone is well aware that people used pigeon mail from time immemorial. Therefore, during the siege of Paris during the Franco-Prussian War, defenders of the city used this talent of pigeons to transmit messages, which was faster than the telegraph. For obvious reasons, less than 10% of birds survived in the hostilities of the First World War. Many of the survivors were awarded for their unvalued services by the medals of Maria Deakin

7. In 1947 Skinner published the results of the experiment, during which doves with a small weight were placed in the cage. They were fed regularly at regular intervals. Over time, 6 out of 8 pigeons showed interesting behavior. One of the birds regularly repeated the same movement – stuck in the corner of the cell head, the other continuously moved around the cage in a circle. The fact is that the birds decided that they were fed only because of their strange behavior.

8. DNA analysis of pigeons showed similarity to the extinct bird dodo. The relative of the modern pigeon is also the colorful Nicobar pigeon, inhabiting the southeast Asia and the Nicobar Islands. Prior to this scientific discovery, it was difficult to determine which family belonged to the disappeared dodo bird, since it had unique external physical characteristics.

9. It seems to many that pigeons are mostly medium-sized, dark gray and live on the streets of the city. Most of them, yes, but this is just one of the species. Pigeons live around the world, and many of them look very beautiful. For example, there are fruit doves that surprise with their bright green, red and yellow hues.

10. Golubey can be called a companion of man. The first documentary mention of them appeared more than 5000 years ago in Mesopotamia. In Egypt, the remains of pigeons were found in ancient burials of people. In history, there have been cases when people treated pigeons as sacred birds. They were worshiped, they were exalted. Despite the fact that some species of pigeons have disappeared and become rare, they have been coexisting with people for millennia.

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