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10 facts about the population of India that explode the brain

Everyone knows that there are a lot of people in India, right? But how many of them? Factum says: more than you thought, more than you can imagine! Judge for yourself…1. In India and Pakistan, there is an approximately equal number of followers of Islam. But in India they make up only 14% of the population, while in Pakistan – 97%.

2. This red section on the map holds as much population as each of the blue. The red section covers Uttar Pradesh, Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand and Bangladesh.

3. Suburban trains Mumbai a day transport an average of 7.58 million passengers. This is more than the population of many countries, including New Zealand and Bulgaria.

4. In Uttar Pradesh alone, the population is higher than in all of Brazil – 204.2 million against 200.4 million.

5. In 2011, there were 315 million students in India, which is twice as high as the total population of Russia!

6. There are more native speakers of English in India than people in the whole of Great Britain.

7. In 2013, Kumbha-mele was attended by 120 million people, which roughly equals the population of Mexico.

8. From 1901 to 2001, the population of India grew by an incredible 322% – from 238 million to 1,028 billion.

9. Over 65 million Indians live in slums. In all of Thailand will live 67.01 million people.

10. Although the average population density in India is 382 people per square kilometer, in Bihar this figure is much more impressive – 1102 people per km².

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