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“VKontakte” added the option to close the profile for all who are not friends

Sotsset fulfilled the promise that it gave after resonance because of the cases for extremism.

In “VKontakte” there was an opportunity to make the page completely private. In the privacy settings, you can select two types of profile: “Open” (visible to all users of social networks) and “Private” (visible only to friends of the user). This information was confirmed by in VKontakte.

A new graph in the privacy settings of the profile in "VKontakte"
A new graph in the privacy settings of the profile in “VKontakte”

If you select a private profile type, a notification will be displayed instead of the user’s wall to add it to your friends. Photos, friends, videos, subscribers, contacts, public, audio are not clickable – you can see only the list of common friends . Previously, users could close the profile only partially: hide for search engines, for those who are not in “VKontakte” and for a certain person, adding to the black list.

Notification, which is displayed on the user's page with a closed profile
Notification, which is displayed on the user’s page with a closed profile

In addition, VKontakte no longer displays the list of people who made reposts of records, it is only available to the author . Prior to this, if you point at the button repost, people were shown who shared the record.

VKontakte managing director Andrei Rogozov said that the new privacy settings will help protect the privacy of users who do not want to share information with everyone. Also in the future, the social network will add the ability to archive or completely delete old records and photos from the profile .

Two weeks have passed since I marked our position on the criminal prosecutions for repatches and announced the forthcoming food changes “VKontakte”. Despite the fact that we began to react to this problem rather late, we are actively moving along the planned plan.

Today we are launching the ability to close your profile with privacy settings, and include the restriction on viewing the list of shared entries only for its author. New features are designed to give more flexibility to protect the personal space of users who do not want to share their entries and photos outside of a narrow circle of friends.

Andrey Rogozov
Managing Director of VKontakte

“VKontakte” announced the update of the privacy settings after the resonance because of the cases for extremism. Many of them are excited on the basis of materials in VKontakte and Odnoklassniki, which belong to Mail.Ru Group. Users began to wonder what memes can get a term, and also how to delete all information from a personal page.

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