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Lebedev Studio dismissed the designer for plagiarism

Lebedev Studio dismissed the designer for plagiarism in working on the corporate style of the workplace “Workplace”. This happened after bloggers discovered the similarity of the work of the Studio with the logo of the New York Cafe Moomah.
On January 29, Lebedev Studio published on its website a description of the work done for the network of workstations “Workplace”. In the ” Process ” section , which usually describes how the design studio employees reach the final version, it is said that when creating the final version of the logo, the “Michurinsky approach” was used: to cross characters and various tools of artisans.

January 31 advertising critic zyazyaveka published in his blog entry “Lebedev in his style.” The blogger noticed that the design, created in the Studio, “strongly resembles” the work of 2009 for the creative cafe “Moomah” in New York.

In the evening of the same day, the announcement of the work disappeared from the main page of the “Lebedev Studio” website, as well as from the list of works for the “Workplace” (a copy of the page remained in Google’s cache ). Nevertheless, a direct link to the page describing the work on the corporate identity is still available .

The author of the “Workplace” Eugene Volk told that they decided to “cover up the announcement” of the new corporate identity after they learned about the similarity with work for the New York café. According to him, on Monday, February 3, they meet personally with Artem Lebedev to discuss further work.

I wanted to lift the quality bar of my new project as high as possible, so I scraped up the money for Studio services and set the task of making a series of logos in a single concept, conveying the meaning of a phenomenon that still does not exist in nature called “vkpleis”. 

The general logo from which the bubbles started on the Internet, I did not really like. I did not understand how I could use it in life, since the space of one workshop is one direction of the masters: sewing, hairdressing and so on. I like the way the profile logos turned out, and I would not want to give them up. Everything went smoothly and smoothly: my readers could see the progress of the project, including participating in the selection of the logo.

Perhaps, we will remove only the originator of the celebration, perhaps the whole package of logos will be altered. At the beginning of next week, we will discuss with the art director and come to a decision on how to be. Our designer passed the job before going on maternity leave, maybe … but then I’m afraid to draw conclusions. Evgeny Volk, author of the project “Workplace”

In a conversation with Wolf asked not to use the word “coworking”, pointing out that his project belongs to a different category.

Artemy Lebedev confirmed in his LJ fact of borrowing. He explained that designers use in their work the so-called “mood board” – a collection of other people’s solutions, through which the generation of ideas. The designer, who substituted the “ideal, crystal, magical reputation of the studio”, Lebedev promised to fire.

Today, the impossible happened (although it was already a couple of times in our 18 years): we finished the project, which was based on the stolen decision. For the designer who committed this crime, this means one thing: dismissal within one minute. Artemy Lebedev

According to Lebedev, despite the fact that the author of the “Workplace” Evgeni Volk likes the current version of the corporate identity, the work will be redone. At the same time Lebedev rejected accusations of plagiarism in the work on the logo of Yaroslavl: in 2012, bloggers found that it looks like the brand name of the network of American stores Up & Up.

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