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The new owner of the Russian Forbes was businessman Magomed Musayev. He is son-in-law of the former head of Dagestan

Under the previous owner, journalists were detained by salaries and did not give them materials.

Magomed Musayev. Photo by Igor Rybakov, YouTube
Magomed Musayev. Photo by Igor Rybakov, YouTube

The Russian magazine Forbes was replaced by the owner, he became businessman Magomed Musayev. About this RBC and Vedomosti reported two sources close to the publication.

The representative of the owner of the holding ACMG, Alexandra Fedotova, confirmed to Vedomosti that Musayev bought from him 100% of the shares of AS Rus Media, the publishing company Forbes.

The magazine’s publisher, according to the newspaper, will again be Natalia Gandurina, the acting editor-in-chief is Nikolai Mazurin again appointed. The editorial director will be Nikolai Uskov, who was previously fired from the post of editor-in-chief Fedotov. Gandurin and Uskov agreed to withdraw their claims to the company, and Fedotov – withdrew his claim to Uskov, Vedomosti said.

Last updated at 17:40: Musaev told RBC that he would introduce a board of directors to Forbes, which would ensure the editorial policy independence from the owners.

The businessman agreed with the magazine’s team that the council will have the majority of independent votes. A third of the members of the council will be appointed by Musaev, and a third by the editorial board. The remaining third will consist of independent directors, for each of which the editorial board and management will vote unanimously. He also invited former editors-in-chief of the magazine Elizaveta Osetinskaya, Maxim Kashulinsky and Elmar Murtazayev to the council.

Musayev was born in 1963 in Dagestan, “Kommersant” called him son-in-law of the ex-head of Dagestan Ramazan Abdulatipov. His career in Moscow, he began with VDNH: first he was deputy director of the exhibition center, and in 2004 he headed it. In 2009, he was sent into retirement, this was associated with a general conflict between the federal authorities and the leadership of Dagestan. However, the representative of the new VVC general director said that the owners were dissatisfied with the financial results of Musayev’s work and initiated the inspection of the Prosecutor General’s Office. Claims were related to the fact that part of the money from renting premises came to the account of the All-Russia Exhibition Center “not entirely legal or not at all.”

In 2013, Musayev became chairman of the executive committee of the Strategic Council under the President of Dagestan, this council, among other things, assisted numerous projects of the Suma group in Dagestan. He also headed the venture fund Global Venture Alliance, which also had joint projects with Summa. Now the main business of Musayev is connected with the Global Venture Alliance (GVA). In 2011, the fund announced that Musayev became its first foreign representative, and later the president.

Sumy’s founders Ziyavuydin Magomedov and his brother Magomed, also from Dagestan, were charged with embezzling 2.5 billion rubles from the federal budget and creating a criminal community, both arrested in late March. In the July issue of Forbes there was to be an article about them called “Family Affairs”, but it was removed from the printed issue without the editorial knowledge. July 26 edition of Forbes filed because of this statement to the prosecutor’s office. In the online version of the magazine the material has been published . ACMG explained the removal of the material by the defect and the order of the legal department. On the same day, the members of the editorial office reported that Forbes was replaced by the Acting President. the editor-in-chief, and the journalists blocked the accounts.

On June 9, 2018, ACMG sacked Forbes chief clerk Nikolai Uskov for “violation of labor discipline.” Mediamenedzher promised to apply to the court: in his opinion, he was constantly pressured, and the owner interfered with the work of the editorial board.

On August 10, some of the editorial staff warned that they would not go to work because of the delay in wages for two weeks. On August 14, journalists stated that they would stop working the next day. On August 16, the ACMG holding paidjournalists a wage arrears for July, promising to pay compensation for delays and demanded to go to work.

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