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Moscow authorities will spend more than 400 thousand rubles on T-shirts that promote family values

To inform the public about available measures to prevent HIV infection.


The Moscow Department of Health signed a contract for the production of 3 thousand T-shirts to promote traditional values. Thus, Moscow officials are going to inform the public about available measures to prevent HIV infection. The contract amount was 407 thousand rubles at an initial price of 600 thousand.

“In our opinion, it is not entirely clear how T-shirts can improve the HIV situation in Moscow,” the “Patient Control” noted .

Earlier, journalists and experts had already criticized social advertising, developed by order of the Moscow authorities. Now calls for loyalty and chastity Muscovites and guests of the capital can see in the subway cars, at bus stops and in other public places.

Photo: SPID.RU

Fidelity does not save from HIV: in the same year for the first time in Russia the sexual way of transmission of infection was blocked by infections from injecting drugs – 52.2% of cases of infections occur through sexual contacts. And half of the women who are infected in this way receive a virus from their husbands and boyfriends. Did they keep their faithfulness to her husband? Yes, almost everything. Did it help them to stay healthy? Not at all. We are never protected from other people’s deceit, and our fault is not.

Tatyana Nikonova

But not only Moscow promotes the idea of ​​saving fidelity in the fight against HIV. For example, this year in Rostov-on-Don, a social advertisement featuring a swan appeared.

Photo: AIDS Center

On the more practical measures for HIV prevention, visit the website Life4me + and social networks in VKontakte , Facebook , Twitter and Instagrame .

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