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Hackers staged a large-scale “drain” of intimate photos from smartphones of stars

Late in the evening on August 31, Moscow time, social networks “blew up” the news about the leak of photos from iCloud actress Jennifer Lawrence.The first information about the threat appeared on August 30, but remained unnoticed by the majority of media before the publication of the pictures themselves.After a few minutes, it turned out that hackers have a whole base of erotic photos of celebrities, who quickly spread across the network.

Attention: The article contains materials for people over 18 years of age.The first attention was drawn to previously unpublished images of Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence. First there were innocuous photos of the actress in tight outfits.

However, later users Reddit and 4chan began to distribute and more candid shots. The official representatives of the actress said that this is a “hard intrusion into personal life” and promised to sue everyone who publishes the actress’s photo.

Next came the turn of actress Bree Larson, and then appeared obscene photos and other celebrities, including Kirsten Dunst, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Bar Raphael (the credibility of most staff is not confirmed). Reddit users began collecting themeswith links to all available photos and archives , and on 4chan a full list of stars was published , whose pictures, according to hackers, fell into their hands.

According to the first reports in social networks, the leak was made by the user 4chan, who, through a private chat, invited network users to purchase star photos for bitcoins. In support of the “quality of the goods”, he offered a screenshot with a whole gallery of previously unpublished photos and videos of Jennifer Lawrence with black stripes.

Later he also began to publish photos on 4chan one after another, adding that “let them get to you better than TMZ”. According to him, the tabloid offered him six-figure sums for a full archive.

Twitter users immediately began to joke about the large-scale plum.

Hackers mostly thanked.

Whoever leaked Jennifer Lawrence’s nudes deserves the balon dor, Nobel peace prize, presidency, bill gate’s net worth and a high 5 from God

– (Bae) nam (@Behnam_alinejad)
August 31, 2014

Lawrence hastened to support the director of “Source Code” Duncan Jones.

There were also opinions about how a loud scandal could affect Apple, even if not all the participants of the plum used its devices.

After the famous ” Oscar Selfie ” and the temporary drop caused by Twitter Twitter Lawrence joked that to destroy the entire Internet, someone from the participants in this picture just need to “show boobs.” Predicted her own fate.

Previously, a similar leak happened to actress Scarlett Johansson, and ultimately only had a positive impact on her reputation.

It’s really a day of knowledge, 
Vadim Elistratov, 

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