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Telegram was entered in the register of Roskomnadzor

The department did this after Durov pointed to the published data.

The head of Roskomnadzor, Alexander Zharov, told Interfax about his willingness to independently introduce information about Telegram to the register of information dissemination organizers. The head of the agency noted that data in the public domain may not be enough.

Last Updated (18:33): Roskomnadzor refused to block the Telegram. Zharov announced his intention to introduce Telegram into the register, since all the necessary data could be found in the public domain.

Last Updated (19:15): Telegram was added to the registry.

Zharov stressed that he “welcomed” Durov’s position, and promised “in this case not to engage in bureaucracy.”

If the set of information that is needed to enter information on the links that Pavel Durov brought to the register in his message is sufficient, that is, all five identifiers are available, we obviously will make Telegram into the register of information dissemination organizers.

Alexander Zharov, head of Roskomnadzor

Previously, Roskomnadzor stated that companies are registered in the ARI register either independently or by the appeal of authorized bodies to Roskomnadzor.

According to “Interfax”, Roskomnadzor demanded to provide data on the messenger “with the support of federal channels and the FSB.” Earlier, the Federal Security Service announced the preparation of the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg through Telegram, and on television showed several critical reports about crime in the service.

Last Updated (18:33): Roskomnadzor stated that all the data for the inclusion of Telegram in the register of information distributors could be found in the public domain. The messenger will be entered into the register.

At this stage, the Telegram messenger has provided all the data required by law for inclusion in the register of information dissemination organizers. In the near future, the messenger will be included in this register.

Thus, Telegram began to work in the legal field of the Russian Federation. I am sure that other international communication services should do the same. As for the laws of Russia, they are binding for all companies operating in the Russian jurisdiction.

Alexander Zharov, head of Roskomnadzor

Last Updated (19:15): Telegram, its shortened and browser versions were added to the roster of information distribution organizers under the number 90-РР. The questionnaire contains the name, identifier, location of the company (London), e-mail and other information about the messenger.

Screenshot from the register of information dissemination organizers
Screenshot from the register of information dissemination organizers

Earlier, Pavel Durov agreed to make a messenger in the register of information dissemination organizers and published on his page in “VKontakte” open data on the company Telegram Messenger LLP from the British registry.

Thus Durov responded to Zharov, who earlier described the entry into the register as the only requirement, in the course of which Telegram will avoid blocking. At the same time, Durov noted that he did not intend to observe the “Yarovoi law”, which was incompatible with the company’s policy.

I can not predict how this statement will affect the position of the regulator, but I am sure of one thing: if Telegram is really blocked in Russia, it will not happen because we refused to provide data about our company.

Pavel Durov

June 25, Zharov said that in case of refusal to issue data for registration in the registry before the blocking of Telegram left a few days. Users of social networks took advantage of the fact that any holder of the account on the “State Services” can apply, and they sent several notifications. Roskomnadzor considered this to be the provision of knowingly unreliable information to the authorities.

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