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The life and death of McCain showed the depth of the degradation of American “democracy”


The Governor of Arizona offered to replace the deceased Senator John McCain … his widow Cindy. Imagine what squealing would rise in Russia, sound the offer to replace the deceased member of the Council of Federation with his wife. And in the US they are seriously discussing this “democratic” option.

John McCain died, long live Cindy McCain! – so you can describe the initiative of the Arizona Governor Doug Dews. If this is not nepotism, then what? On the thoughts of the governor reported edition of The New York Times.

A special glamor to this initiative is the fact that the full name of the deceased is actually John Sidney McCain III, if anyone did not know. To me this name resembles the times of absolute monarchies? The senator’s grandfather, who was John Sidney McCain, I graduated from a career as a four-star admiral. And then there was what is reflected in the classic anecdote about the son of the general, who can not become a marshal, because the marshal has his son.

So, John Sydney McCain II became a four-star admiral, like his dad. And McCain also probably wanted the third number on the number. But he was on the 895th place out of 899 graduates of the Maritime Academy. Moreover, he was unable even to properly control the aircraft, breaking 4 (!) Aircraft, which he controlled while serving in the US Air Force.

In captivity to the Vietnamese, McCain came after he bombed a civilian object – a factory for the production of incandescent lamps. This, in fact, is a war crime. But it, as we see, did not in the least prevent the mediocre pilot from making a political career and becoming a senator from the state of Arizona already since 1986.

Aw, liberals! I do not see your hands and hear no shouting about the succession of power. And now, when the third representative of the dynasty of small-town American czars rested in the Bose, his widow was going to be made McCain No. 4. Rather, the third-stroke. Since McCain has a son, also called John Sydney McCain, with the addition of IV, born in 1986. I bet this one will also make a career in the American establishment.

By the way, when the late McCain the third was a congressman, since 1983 and on appointment as senator, his predecessor, representing Arizona, was John Rhodes. And do you know who succeeded McCain in the House of Representatives of the US Congress? John Rhodes III. I give this example to make it clear: the McCain clan is not an exception, but a rule.

Under a loud crackling about democracy, America is run by the same families. And it’s all right, when their representatives are trained from a childhood to a career, but when the mother-housewife is recommended to senators only because her murdered four aircraft military criminal-husband was a senator – it is already in no way. The next candidate will be McCain’s horse, I believe.

With all the background described, it is not surprising that our compatriots took soft news from Russian media about McCain’s death in a hostile manner .

In our country, they perfectly understand who the deceased was, and why he got into American power at all. The clan-like elite of the US is so annoying to all decent quilted jackets that they generally would prefer to see in the media only a statement of the fact: “died, and the earth is glassy.”

Even the State Duma fell under this batch. It was worth the head of the international affairs committee Leonid Slutsky to express his condolences, how he was criticized for using the wording “patriot of his country” in relation to McCain.

But this is indeed true: McCain was a patriot of the US, so Slutsky did not in the least make a mistake against the truth. Only here under the US, McCain and his like mean not that ordinary Americans. For John Sydney McCain III, John Rhodes III and others like them, it’s just “old families” whose members make careers, even if they turn out to be mediocre.

In the framework of such a paradigm put by Senator Sidney McCain – it’s quite logical. After all, she communicated with her husband for so many years and probably learned by heart all his chants about “restraining Russia” and so on. They will voice them, urging them to defeat the “enemies of the United States” in order to honor the memory of the deceased. Delov something …

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