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“GO! GO! Power Rangers !!!” The legendary children’s series turned 25 years old. How it all began

Well, confess. Which one of you is red, who was pink? I’ll tell you a little bit of history and what happened to those actors of the sacred first six.

For nerazovochki immediately give you the opening with the soundtrack, hearing the sound of which we ran to the nearest TV set in convulsions and carrying everything in its path.

The most revealing Rangers.

How did it all start?

I will not be too long to tell the story. Anyway, nobody will tell you about Simba better .

It all started with the Japanese Spider-Man with his megazor (joking)

Japanese Spider-Man
Japanese Spider-Man

In fact, Marvel’s attempts to enter the Asian market spawned Super Sentai (not to be confused with Hentai), which became the basis for the Mighty Rajgers. The very first Seventh season was the “Secret Detachment-Goringers” in 1975-77. Opponents of the first teams of the “Super Teams” (this is how the name is translated from the Japanese) are the unharmed detachments of the fascists, because Japan fought on the side of the Reich in the second world war. Later the Nazis were replaced by dark magicians, dinosaurs, evil aliens, etc.

The first season of sentai.
The first season of sentai.
All the seasons of Sentai except the last 6 swill.
All the seasons of Sentai except the last 6 swill.

Seeing one of the series of Sentai, while on a business trip in Japan, telemagnet Chaim Saban decided to buy it for the American market. In several small US cities, a couple of episodes of the show were shown, but its ratings were zero since. target children’s audience could not match themselves with the characters. Despite this, Mr. Saban did not want to part with the potential benefits.

Chaim Saban
Chaim Saban

Chaim has Israeli roots. Apparently for this he came up with the idea of ​​a scene with battles in Sentai to re-sound, and the heroes replaced by American schoolchildren.

Detachment of battle birds "Jetman". 15 season Super Sentai
Detachment of battle birds “Jetman”. 15 season Super Sentai

Originally the season prototype for the first Power Rangers was the 15th season of the Sentai “Battleship Squad” Jetman, “but then one Japanese boss said that they would have dinosaurs” Surreyer. “Because of this, the shooting was postponed for a year, because in the 90s, e dinosaurs were mega popular.

Detachment of dinosaurs "Zuranger". 16 season of Sentai.
Detachment of dinosaurs “Zuranger”. 16 season of Sentai.
On the role of the first characters of the series were selected Austin St. John – Jason Lee Scott (Red), David Yost-Billy Cranston (Blue), Amy Jo Johnson-Kimberly Hart (Pink), Walter Jones-Zack Taylor (Black), Audrey Dubois-Trini Kwan (played in pilot Yellow, then replaced on Thuy Trang). As an evil, and then an additional Green selected Jason David Frank-Tommy Oliver.
First cast of Mighty Rangers
First cast of Mighty Rangers

Thus, the first series of Rangers left on August 28, 1993.

Series in English –

A series in Russian in the very voice-over Ren-TV –

And how are the actors?

David J. Fielding – Zordon (or a giant head in a flask)

Character description: The first mentor of the Rangers. Is a good alien creature, invented the forces of Morphine (the very first rangers) and Turbo (season 5). Zordon also created Zords (giant war machines) for 1 and 5 seasons. In season 5, I flew to my home planet to help in the war, but was captured by dark forces. At the end of season six, the Red Space Ranger (Andres) smashed his flask to destroy all the evil in the universe with a good wave.

He was the mentor teacher of the 19 and 20 seasons of Gosei, however there are no frames where they are together.

Participated in the seasons 1-6 (as a character, although left after 1). The substitute is Dimitry.

Why did he leave: he left after season 1 for an unknown reason. Zordon was later voiced by another actor. recorded only 1 time and the staff constantly repeated it.

Now: He lives in Texas. He is a teacher in 2 universities and periodically voices computer games.

Austin St. John – Jason Lee Scott (Red)

Character description: Self-confident leader of the team. He studies taekwondo and judo, and teaches the children to them in the youth center of Angel Grove. With those around him, he is a very loyal and noble person, and constantly remembers the responsibility that comes with the Force. Although he is better known at school as an athlete, Jason is also an intellectual and serious student with a passion for history. Although he considers himself to be a rather boring person, Jason for friends is very friendly and accessible, and at the same time – strong and fearless.

In the second season he left to participate in the UN Youth Conference in Switzerland. Jason returned to Angel Grove only when there were no Mighty Morphines anymore, they were replaced by Zeo Rangers, and the Empire of Machines attacked the Earth. Also participated in the anniversary series of the season 10 (as Red) and “Turbo film” with Kimberly (cameo without transformation). Together with Walter Jones he led a pilot episode, specially released in memory of Thuy Trang.

Participated in the seasons 1,2 and 4 . Characters are substitutes – Rocky (season 2) and triune person Trey (season 4).

Why did he quit: He did not renew the contract due to difficult working conditions in season 2 as well as Thuy Trang and Walter Jones. In 4 set the condition that the return of his character does not affect the plot of the series.

Now: Shows in low-budget films.

Separately, it is worth mentioning two scandals allegedly connected with Austin.

1) “Red Ranger is shot in porn”

In the porn industry is really removed the actor similar to him.

2) “The Red Ranger killed a man”

The actor who played the red Ranger in season 10 (Eric Medina) really killed the robber who invaded his house and is now in prison.

Austin St. John
Austin St. John

David Yost-Billy Cranston (Blue)

Character description:Billy Cranston (named after the actor, and at that time the screenwriter of the Mighty Rangers, Brion Cranston, Walter White from the series “In All Grave”) is a very calm, non-conflicting and sometimes even inconspicuous person. Perhaps because of his early loneliness, Billy is also a very loyal, caring and good friend. However, he never shares his problems with anyone, prefers to decide everything himself. Billy became much more confident during his time in the team, but even then he still tended to have a quieter pastime than the other Rangers. He does not like violence, he never enters into arguments. However, arguments are not needed when Billy shows all the depths of his mind, and he is undoubtedly a genius. A good half of the Mighty Morphine gear was either invented by Billy, or modernized by him. Incredible number of times he saved the Rangers with his inventions. It’s hard to say in which branch of science Billy did not succeed. When the battle is inevitable, Billy is a good fighter with a very restrained style. He is an open-minded and tolerant person.

Billy was the only one who went all the way in the Morphine team from start to finish like the Blue Ranger, all the others either changed or changed their Morphs.

In season 4 is no longer a Ranger, but it helps in the team of the Zordov master and weapons on the base. after trying to get the power of the Golden Zeo Ranger began to grow old very quickly and flew to the planet Aquitar for healing in healing waters.

It was supposed that he would return in season 5 as an additional, but did not work out.

Participated in the seasons 1-4. Gone due to homophobia by breaking the contract. There is no substitute.

Now: After leaving the series, he was treated for his attraction to men, but later became a gay activist.

David Yost
David Yost

Amy Jo Johnson-Kimberly Hart (Pink)

Character description: Initially rather slow, skeptical and too materialistic, Kimberly gradually turned into a strong, confident and caring girl. Kimberly has a kind soul and she constantly sacrifices herself for the sake of her friends. From the hobbies of Kimberly, you can identify gymnastics and aerobics, where Kimberley has achieved undoubted success (she even teaches people to step aerobics), as well as biology. With the Yellow Ranger, Trini Kimberly became intimate friends.

Especially the warm relations she had with Tommy (Kimberly always bothered the complex state of the Green Ranger).

After not waiting until the end of season 3, she began to prepare for the Olympic Games, because of which she transferred her power to Katherine.

Participated in the films “Turbo” (cameo with Jason) and Film of 2017 (short cameo with Tommy) without morphing.

Participated in the seasons 1-3. For the same reason that Austin is only a season later. Character substitute-Catherine.

Now: He continues to play in serials and movies. Has received several awards in the film industry. She also sings.

Amy Jo Johnson
Amy Jo Johnson

Walter Jones-Zack Taylor (Black)

Character description: Being by nature funny and even somewhat chatterbox, Zach loves tricks and jokes, as well as gay parties and picnics with friends, beautiful girls, dancing and good food. In a word, a typical person of “a bright life,” a guy who never fails, and who is his own in any company. At the same time, any manifestation of gloominess, anger, or intolerance, is completely indigestible for Zak. In addition, Zak is very cunning and smart. He always worries about his friends and always tries to encourage them if they are sad. A good friend with a good heart, Zach always liked to joke.

In general, by habits, he resembles a chameleon: his mood and behavior can change suddenly. Usually Zak is very energetic and alive, but if he suddenly became quiet, then he has something on his mind.

Took along with Austin St. John pilot episode, specially released in memory of Thuy Trang.

Participated in the seasons 1-2. He did not renew the contract due to difficult working conditions in season 2 as well as Thuy Trang and Austin St. John. Character substitute-Adam.

Now: As well as the majority of others continues acting career.

Walter jones
Walter jones
Walter jones

Thuy Trang-Trini Kwan

Character description: A graceful Chinese woman Trini Kwan is a calm, spiritual and generous girl. She is professionally engaged in Kung Fu, and her style of fighting is beautiful and smooth. In ordinary life, Trini is a dreamer, delicate and idealistic, from time to time she seems almost sincere and vulnerable, but if to offend her, or one of her friends, then she becomes a dangerous enemy.

She is a fearless, inexorable fighter who meets her opponents honestly.

Participated in the seasons 1-2. He did not renew the contract due to difficult working conditions in season 2 as well as Walter Jones and Austin St. John. Character is a substitute-Aisha.

Cause of death: Tui died in a car accident on September 3, 2001 at the age of 27.

Thuy Trang
Thuy Trang

Jason David Frank-Tommy Oliver (Green Morphine / White Morphine / Red Zeo / Red Turbo / Black Dino Thunder)

Character description: As a child, Tommy Oliver (named after the operator of the series Tonny Oliver) was a loner, he devoted most of his time to martial arts. For the first time he vstetilsya with the Rangers in karate competitions (then he fought on tatami with Jason and did not concede to him at all). His military dignity made an impression not only on Kimberley, but also on Rita. Tommy became the best candidate for Rita Repulsa for the role of the evil Green Ranger, who was supposed to destroy the Mighty Rangers. Tommy was cast a spell that made him angry, issued a Dragon Dagger and a “modified” evil Dragon Force Medallion to become a Green Ranger, and a Sword of Darkness. To protect Tommy, there was the Dragon Armor. In addition, Rita gave Tommy control over the huge Dragon Fire. Tommy attacked the Rangers, thirsty to destroy them, but after a long and stubborn struggle they were defeated. When Jason, in a duel with Tommy, destroyed the Sword of Darkness, and the Dragoncrown was defeated by Tyrannozord, the evil spell was lifted from Tommy (21st episode). Now Tommy joined the Mighty Morphine Force as the sixth Ranger.

Initially, the role of Bely was appointed another actor, but suddenly the writers decided to revive Tommy. He became the only non-red leader of the Rangers.

This character is the main star of the series so far. In the 13 season he was a ranger and at the same time a team coach. He took part in all jubilee series, except for the 15th season, and in the movie of 2017 (cameo with Kimberly).

Participated in the seasons 1-5 and 13. Because of the failure in the rental of “Turbo Film” decided that the days of the show are numbered and it’s time to drape. Character substitute – (season 5).

Now: In addition to his acting career, he is engaged in mixed martial arts.

Jason David Frank
Jason David Frank

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P.S. There will soon be a very cool jubilee series.

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