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In Russia, an exoskeleton was tested, allowing one to shoot a machine gun

In Russia, there were successful tests of an active exoskeleton equipped with electric motors and a battery and allowing one-hand fire from a machine gun. This is reported by TASS with reference to the chief designer for the life support system for combat equipment of military personnel TsNIItotmash (included in the state corporation Rostek) Oleg Faustov.

At present, the main problem of creating exoskeletons with electric motors is the absence of a battery with the necessary characteristics. In the near future, Russian engineers assure, an active exoskeleton will help the soldier to carry more equipment and weapons, move faster and perform combat missions more efficiently.

Earlier, chairman of the military science committee of the Ground Forces Alexander Romanyuta said that the active exoskeleton will appear in the equipment of the third-generation soldier “Ratnik-3” by 2025. Prior to this, it was noted that the prototype of such an exoskeleton is made of titanium.

Currently, to equip the second generation of “Ratnik”, which is supplied to the troops  a passive exoskeleton has been created .

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