Why the iPhone X is still better than any Android

I did not switch to iPhone X on time , so I decided to wait for new Apple smartphones in September 2018 and stayed on 7-ke. While most of all I’m waiting for the iPhone XI, but in this material we will not talk about this.

Until today, I’ve managed to use both the iPhone X and current flagships on Android, including OnePlus 6, Samsung Galaxy S9, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s and Mi 8, and Asus ZenFone 5z.

Apple’s top smartphone seems to me the most correct and complete product . This is my subjective opinion, which I tried to do as objectively as possible.

The iPhone X does not have this stupid chin


We’ll go back almost a year. Recall the September presentation of Apple, which we and colleagues conducted from the Moscow office of online.

The event was quite boring, despite our comments and Mikka wearing sunglasses in the frame.

But things changed when they showed the iPhone X.

It was finished, we still presented the jubilee smartphone Apple, which the company stressed 10 years of the history of the iPhone.

He immediately liked us in almost everything. Nevertheless, we immediately embarrassed the notorious cutout at the top of the screen, which the media immediately nicknamed “monobloc”.


Up to now, the same cut-out is in almost all flagship smartphones, among which are OnePlus 6, Xiaomi Mi 8 and Asus ZenFone 5z. But they have not only monobrow …

Competitors picked up the modern trend of “monobrove”, but could not squeeze it 100%, leaving “chin”. It’s a pity.

Look at the devices that can be called frameless. In all of them except for the cutout in the screen, which is justified by the front camera and additional sensors, there is an absolutely empty area from below .

There is no specific purpose for such chins. This is a feature of the design, which is due to the connection of the matrix of the screen inside the case.

Apple managed to avoid the chin by turning the screen. This increased the cost of the smartphone, but completely changed its perception.

A cutout under True Depth you will stop noticing after a day of using the iPhone X. It will appear to you completely frameless, it will feel like you are holding one screen .

This is an incredible feeling when you are reading or flipping your favorite
. It seems that the site just goes into the palm of your hand and you really can not see the frames.

“A good design is visible right away. Great design is invisible. ” (Joe Sparano)

From devices with a chin other sensations. This empty area spoils the impressions of the smartphone and immediately catches your eye.

The smartphone screen is calibrated with a focus on realism


Whichever smartphone on Android I do not hold in my hands, they all try to make the image on the screen much “better” than it is in real life.

This is clearly seen if we compare a pair of newly made photos on the iPhone X and any Android with an OLED screen on the smartphone, and then on the computer.

On many devices, you can change the image settings and display colors, but on the iPhone X the screen is immediately calibrated with a view to realism, and it captivates.

For example, if I’m photographing for on the iPhone, I can edit the pictures right on the smartphone . However, I’m sure that they will look equally good on any device.

With competitors, it does not work that way, so the images have to be transferred to the MacBook and corrected already on it.

iPhone X is small and excellent in the hand


Compare the dimensions of the iPhone X with a 5.8-inch screen and OnePlus 6 with a 6.28-inch display.

Even without exact figures it is clear that a pair of frameless flagships is very different in size, and the difference is critical for one-handed use .

Immediately remember the time iPhone 4s. Almost all smartphones on Android were noticeably larger, and compact analogs with top performance simply did not.

Today the situation is about the same. Only Samsung is thinking about a small size, and the Galaxy S9 is almost equal to the iPhone X in size.

All others ignore the small size for technical and marketing reasons .

Face ID in the smartphone works in the whole system


Have you ever wondered why manufacturers leave a fingerprint scanner in Android smartphones , despite the possibility of unlocking the face?

The fact is that none of them is ready today to give 100% -guarantee of security of this type of authentication, therefore it can not be used for payments and other actions.

At the same time, in the iPhone X, besides Face ID, there are no other ways to recognize the user without a password, and the face scanner is deeply integrated into the system .

This problem bothers me because of constant problems with Touch ID and its analogs. In 90% of cases for unknown reasons, none of the sensors will recognize my fingers.

Even Apple Pay I can not normally use without Face ID, so the situation with Android is frustrating.

iPhone X proves again that Apple is ahead


Yes, today I can say with confidence that iPhone X enough compromise . This applies even to the cutout for True Depth, which can not now be avoided.

Nevertheless, even a few reasons, which I described above, are enough to understand that their competitors have even more.

What are all these chins?

All this makes me argue that, along with the iPhone X, Apple is exactly ahead.

If it were not for the presentation of new smartphones in less than a month, today I would choose the iPhone X. But for now, it only remains to wait.

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