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The secret of the murder of Olof Palme.

Olof Palme (Swedish Sven Olof Joachim Palme, January 30, 1927, Stockholm – February 28, 1986, ibid.) – Swedish politician, twice Prime Minister of Sweden (from October 14, 1969 to October 8, 1976 and from October 8, 1982 to February 28 1986). Killed on February 28, 1986, the murder has not been solved so far.

On Friday evening, February 28, 1986, Prime Minister of Sweden Olof Palme together with his wife Lisbeth left his apartment in the Old Town and went on the subway to the Grand cinema. At 23.20, after watching the movie, they left the cinema and, passing a couple of blocks, approached the intersection of Sveavegen and Tunnelagatan streets. The time was later, on the street, except for the three men walking in front, and one young man, shadowed on the opposite side, was empty. On Sveavegen the spouses noticed a slowly moving taxi. At this time, someone quietly crept up to them from behind and twice at close range shot in the back of Palme. Lisbet Palme rushed to the fallen spouse, but managed to notice how the gunman sharply turned away and ran along Tunnelagatan in the opposite direction. A passer-by walking on the other side of the street rushed after him with a shout, “Stop, but the murderer instantly dissolved into the dark “passageways” of the old quarter. The taxi driver who watched the scene of the murder with Sveavagen, called on the radio “ambulance”, which arrived just a few minutes later, but Palme died on the way to the nearest hospital.

From that day on, the Swedish proverb, “wandering around the desert”, began not yet ended, a consequence of the case of the murder of the first man of Sweden, an outstanding statesman and social democratic leader, who received wide and sincere gratitude far beyond his country.

The investigation, led at first by Police Commissioner Hans Holmer, and then by his colleague Hans El-web, ran over 170 working versions, but … never approached the solution to the main question of the murderer. Now H. Holmer is accused of obsession with the version about the involvement in the killing of members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party. A year after the night murder of the prime minister, police arrested twenty Kurds suspected of murder, but were soon forced to release them for lack of evidence.

X. Holmer was removed from the investigation, and in March 1987 he was led by H. Elvebro. The latter made a reorganization in the search group and again tried to bring it back to the events of that dramatic March night. As a result, someone was sentenced to life imprisonment by Christer Peterson, whom the widow of the deceased Lisbeth Palme pointed out as the killer. However, the country’s Supreme Court did not approve the verdict for lack of evidence, and Petterson was also released from prison.

Questions, questions …

Before leaving for the cinema, Palma called his son and warned that there would be no two hours. The son asked if his father would be guarded, since he intended to walk. The father “reassured” his son that there would be no protection – he let her go.

The first protocol at the site of the assassination was a female policeman in the light of a flashlight. Perhaps it was not composed professionally, in a hurry – after all, not one of the viewers who watched the movie together with the Palme couple was interviewed! – but also about him the investigation team remembered only in … 1997!

The cordon around the place of the murder was made unreliable, and hundreds of curious Stockholmers, who had fled there in the morning, stepped over the barrier tape and destroyed the last traces of the criminal. The police did not block the exits from Stockholm and did not expose any cordon at the station and at the airport.

The most important testimonies the investigation received, perhaps, from Lisbeth Palme. She described the appearance of the murderer in more or less detail: it was a middle-aged man, of inexpressive appearance, dressed in a dark cloak with a raised collar and a dark knitted hat. According to her description, a sketch was made.

The police showed two bullets found at the scene of the crime, which means that not all of her employees reacted so negligently to the investigation. Representatives of the press, who first saw the find, were here, too, astonished. The police showed them two completely bullets! How could this happen that bullets, passing through the human body, remained unharmed, without getting a dent or a scratch?

The police claimed that this was due to the fact that the bullets were armor-piercing, and therefore not deformed. But in Sweden armor-piercing bullets are not produced and are not sold. Such bullets are sold in the US – as well as the Magnum revolver, which is in service with the US traffic police, but how the weapons and ammunition got to Sweden, the police could not explain.

Famous criminalist Ulf Lingerde, who carefully analyzed all the facts connected with the investigation of the murder of Palme, came to the conclusion that someone specially takes the investigators aside, directing them along the wrong path. Who is this?

So it turned out that the author and initiator of the ridiculous Kurdish version was SEPO – the Swedish security and counterintelligence service. Meanwhile, SEPO had a recording of an overheard telephone conversation, which threatened to kill Palme, but she did not draw any conclusions from this. And it is not surprising, because the chief of the SEPO, Per-Gunnar Winge, by this time reached the point that he began to suspect his prime minister that he was a threat to the security of the country, and therefore refused to introduce him to secret documents, including the record mentioned telephone conversation.

The Kurdish version ordered to live long, not having had time to get on its feet, but replaced by it appeared no less strange – South African. It is known that Olof Palme was a consistent opponent of apartheid in South Africa and actively supported the opposition ANC, headed by N. Mandela, to the South African government. Speculating on this fact, the English weekly “New Statesman” published an article in which it was alleged that a group of West German businessmen connected with South Africa had contacted former mercenaries in search of a suitable killer, Palme. Swedish investigators immediately began to peck at this story. They unearthed in the gigantic investigation dossier on the case of Palme the protocol of the interrogation of Williamson, but he rejected all the charges and was released. Then the murder of Palme “attracted” another agent of the special services of South Africa, but this did not bring the investigation to the direct road,

But “wandering in the wilderness” did not end there. The South African version was replaced by the Indian version! The Swedish firm “Bufors” in severe competition won the right to supply arms to India. This in fact, too, could be disliked by someone and pushed to the physical elimination of the Swedish prime minister. Well, God help you! As Panikovsky said: “Peel, Shura, saw the weight! Gold is there! ”

… April 18, 1997 at the US airport in Houston at the customs counter a queue was formed. The third from the counter was a middle-aged man, wearing a denim suit and a hat that had a kind of hat with small fields. They were journalist Allan Frankovich, who flew to Texas to meet with his informant, a former CIA official. A. Frankovich recently specialized in making films about questionable top secret CIA operations. In the process of working on the film, the journalist unexpectedly left on the trail of the murderer of the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme! The murder of the Swede was the final chord of the CIA operation code-named “Tree”, and the chief forester who raised him was none other than the head of the CIA, William Colby, who headed the CIA office in Stockholm in the 1940s. Here he has a well-established agent network,

In Houston, A. Frankovich received from his informant documents confirming the involvement of the CIA in the murder of Palme, including the photo and address of the killer. A few seconds before he approached the customs counter, Frankovitch felt unwell, staggered and, trying to lean on the counter, held out his hand to her, but could not resist and fell, knocking the woman standing behind him.

The ambulance arrived instantly. Doctors stated death from a heart attack, although admitted that “the picture is not very typical.” If you know what the journalist was doing and what he had with him, you can make an unambiguous conclusion that he was killed.

The idea of ​​eliminating Palme originated in the head of the “lumberjacks” from Langley at the very moment when the Swedish premier was going to pay a visit to the “evil empire” – to the Soviet Union. During the preparation of the visit to Moscow, W. Palme made a secret document, in which he outlined the theses concerning Sweden’s position on the transformation of the Baltic Sea into a nuclear-free zone.

Palme did not hide his dislike of US imperialism when he rioted in Vietnam. The whole world went around the picture of the anti-American demonstration in front of the US Embassy in Stockholm, in the forefront of which was the Swedish Prime Minister. The cup of patience of NATO strategists was filled with information that Palme favored the closure of NATO electronic tracking stations on the northern flank – in Sweden (Muskieu and Karyksfon) and in Denmark (in the Skagerrak Strait). Palme was viewed as a kind of “agent of influence” of the KGB (it is not excluded that this view of NATO began to prevail not without the participation of the traitor O. Gordlevsky, who, in addition to the Swede, to the KGB agents, includes Finnish President W. Kekkonen, Israeli Prime Minister G Meir, Chancellor of Germany V. Brandt).

A. Franković did not have time to make a film about the murder of Palme, but managed to write a book “Inside the Maze”, in which he describes in detail how the Swedish police swept away the traces of the crime, leading the investigation either one way or the other wrong way. The journalist convincingly showed that the strange behavior of Commissioner H. Holmer, who led the investigation the first year after the murder of Palme, is explained by very prosaic reasons. X. Holmer was part of the secretive organization of NATO, the so-called SOPS, which includes representatives of the special services of the countries of this alliance. Sweden is not a member of NATO, but it never left any doubt as to who will be on the side of the conflict between the Warsaw Pact and NATO. So it was always with all the leaders, and only Olof Palme tried to bring Sweden to the position of equidistance from the opposing blocs,

SOPS created in Sweden a fictitious firm “Porgeze”, through which hundreds of thousands of dollars flowed into the country for the needs of “Swedish friends”. The executor of the operation for the precautionary purpose was a foreigner who was formally not associated with the Swedish ultra-right circles. Representatives of NATO special services in Wiltshire stopped at a former CIA agent, a sniper, who became a hired killer after being trained in the secret guard of the Iranian Shah “Savak”. The French magazine Evenman du Jedi also claims that the CIA agent had a duplicate associated with the Italian Masonic lodge P-2, which was known in the recent past. When investigating the subversive activities of the lodges, Italian intelligence agencies came across a strange document: the Master of the Lico Gelli box in a telegram to one of the American members of the lodge Philip Guarino reported that “the Swedish tree will soon fall.”

Everything became clear 72 hours after sending the telegram. Three days later, Olof Palme was killed.

At the end of the letter, Litcho Jelly asked his American friend to report “this to our friend Bush”.

Who of the hired killers – American or Italian – killed the Swedish prime minister, in general, it is not very important. The fact is that the CIA, which was carrying out plans to eliminate politically disagreeable politicians (to take at least F. Castro), did this dirty and black matter, and at the same time removed the “small fry” Frankovich.

Olof Palme, one of the honest politicians of our century, clearly saw the true role of those behind-the-scenes forces that twist the threads and rule the world according to their own understanding.

And he became a victim of his visionary genius.

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