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Hiroshi Ishiguro created an android with the face of a ten-year-old boy

Hiroshi Ishiguro, known for the development of realistic-looking androids, created a new robot. He looks like a ten-year-old boy and believably replicates the person’s facial expressions, TechCrunch reports .

There are not so many engineers and organizations working on the creation of realistic looking androids and  gynoids . In part, this is due to the fact that realistic reproduction of human facial expressions on the robot’s face is quite difficult technically, therefore such robots are complex and expensive devices that do not yet find commercial application. Some robots are world famous – for example, the Sofia ginoide . Sofia is able to support the conversation, express emotions, jokes and even speaks Russian, but even devices of this level still cause the effect of an “ominous valley” , so engineers continue to work on creating more humanoid robots.

One of the most famous robotics in this field is Professor of Osaka University Hiroshi Ishiguro who participated in the creation of several humanoid robots and even made a android-twin . Now the Japanese engineer has published materials concerning his new project – an android named Ibuki.

It is an anthropoid robot with the face of a ten-year-old boy who is equipped with a pair of hands and a wheel platform on asymmetrical wheels – thanks to them the robot moves slightly in motion, simulating the movement of the human body when walking.

In the mimicry of Ibuki, not only the manifestation of emotions is laid, but also the “involuntary” movements that add realism – the robot blinks and moves its head and eyes slightly. Ishiguro himself believes that such developments are important, as they open up opportunities for a natural non-verbal communication between robots and people.

It is worth noting that some humanoid robots still find commercial application. For example, the ginoid Aiko Chihira, developed by Toshiba’s specialists, in 2015 began to act as a consultant in one of the Japanese shopping centers.

On the role of robots in the modern world and their legal status, read in the essay “Non-human in the human world” , published in the framework of the project “New Ethics”.

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