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Member of the General Council of United Russia to detain two tons of cocaine with the party logo

“Now the Latin American drug barons have heard about the existence of the party.”

Deputy Secretary of the General Council of the United Russia, Yevgeny Revenko, commented on his facebook interception of two tons of drugs with the party logo in Ghent. According to him, drug lords could use the logo “for disguise” or because of its attractiveness – a tricolor with a bear.

Here it is, glory! Now, the Latin American drug barons heard about the existence of the party “United Russia” and even decided to use part of our logo to mask the next batch of cocaine, this time from Brazil to Belgium. Or maybe just liked the tricolor with our bear. In any case, the day was set, there was something to laugh at.

Evgeny Revenko
Deputy Secretary of the General Council of the United Russia Party

On August 23, the Belgian police seized a batch of two tons of cocaine on the desk. They were packed in 1900 packages, on which the logo of the Russian political party “United Russia” was glued. Drugs arrived from Brazil in freight containers. The approximate cost of the delivery is 100 million euros in terms of prices when selling to the end consumer on the street (or 56 million euros at market prices). The EMCDDA agency noted that Belgian ports accounted for almost half of all cocaine seizures in Europe.

In February, the Argentine and Russian special services found 389 kilograms of cocaine in the school at the Russian embassy in Buenos Aires. The criminals packed them on 360 packages and spread out 12 suitcases, pasting them with adhesive tape. The Argentine authorities estimated the value of the cargo at 50 million euros. As part of the case , Vladimir Kalmykov, Ishtimir Khudzhamov, Andrei Kovalchuk and Ali Abyanov were arrested . They are charged with part 5 of Article 228.1 and paragraph “b” of Part 4 of Article 229.1 of the Criminal Code (the production, sale or transfer of drugs on an especially large scale and the smuggling of drugs on an especially large scale). In August, in the Argentine crematorium, the whole lot of cocaine was burned.

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