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And do not send us Swedes from Sweden?

Not ignition for, but pure neighing 🙂

The transcription of the interview, my translation, the semantic (k-correspondent, f-auntie)

K: You also say that you can not make deportation part of the sentence. This means that the murderers and rapists who would be deported to their country will remain in Sweden

F: Yes, and remember the most important thing is that they have already served their assigned time in prison. And those people in Sweden who are serving sentences for assaults and murders, white citizens of Sweden (in subtitles – white swedes), they are not deported. And we need to observe the principle of equality in this matter.

ZY She came to Sweden from Uganda, the leader of the “feminist initiative” party. Another wiki is infa that it was caught on the plagiarism of someone else’s scientific work and fined. She was also accused of attacking a white man when he made a remark on her attempt to get on the subway without using an access card.

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