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Several films and TV series about hikikomori, which are worth seeing

Even if you are too social and have no idea who it is.


Hikikomori is a Japanese term for people who refuse social life and often seek an extreme degree of social isolation and solitude due to various personal and social factors.

Despite the fact that hikikomori prefer not to leave the premises, some are chosen on the occasion outside. Self-isolation from society usually begins gradually. People who fall into the category of hikikomori may appear to be unhappy, seem to be losing friends, becoming emotionally defenseless, shy and unsociable.

“NHK ni Youkoso!” / “Welcome to NHK!”

“NHK ni Youkoso!” – Anime about everyday life. But not the one that we usually used to see: school, adventure on the streets of the city or pilots of the bellows. This anime will tell the life story of the Japanese-hikikomori Sato Tatsuhiro. The protagonist is a typical hikikomori who does not leave the house and communicates only with his friend, an anime fan who can not stand the painted girls. Sato believes in a conspiracy that the NHK (“Japanese Broadcasting Corporation”, in fact an organization that turns people into hikikomori.

But one day everything changes – the girl is knocking at the door of the main hero, who is trying to “save” Sato from his habit of sitting at home, but here lies the catch: trying to improve her life, she decided to find even more worthless person in her partners than herself, after all he, unlike normal people, can fall in love with a girl like Misaki.

“Robinson on the Moon”

The guy who lost his job, decides to settle accounts with life, rushing from the bridge to the river. He does not know how to swim, so he hopes that everything will go well. But due to an absurd chance, he takes to the shore an uninhabited island with garbage, which is located near the bridge in the city line. At the same time, the hikikomori girl, who has not left her room for several years and communicates only with her parents, looks out of the window into the telescope, and sees a guy on the island, and next there is an inscription from “HELP” branches.

“WataMote” / “It’s not my fault that I’m not popular”

Fifteen-year-old Tomoko Kuroki is afraid of communicating with people. Very often he is in the world of his own fantasies and completely devoid of communication skills – as a result he often behaves inadequately. He likes to play video games and sit on the Internet, because of what he constantly does not sleep and walks with bags under his eyes. Since all the experience of Tomoko’s social life is limited to anime and otome games, she often tries to act in accordance with the stereotypes adopted in them, but such an approach does not bring anything good. Before she started the conversation, she immediately calculates the situation five turns ahead to the worst outcome, instantly falling into a stupor. And it turned out that to speak calmly Tomoko can only with family, and even with a single girlfriend named Yu.

“Chapiteau show” / “Love and friendship”

Mysterious young man who hides from people in the network under the nickname “Cyberstrana” a lonely teenage girl meets at the forum and pulls out to rest in the Crimea. But for many years of loneliness, the protagonist has completely forgotten how to communicate with people and show empathy. And when he realizes that he was struck by a new feeling for him – “love”, he is lost and begins to behave completely inadequately.

“The guy from the train” / “Densha otoko”

A young man, who is a typical Japanese otaku, unexpectedly intercedes for a beautiful girl in an electric train and rescues her from a bully. Then in the police station the girl asks him to leave her his address.

When a young man returns home, he visits the forum and describes what happened. They explain to him that if she asked for the address, then she will send a gift. A gift has come. And with him and the phone of this girl. After that, the forum began to give him various advice, ask him about the developing relationship with this girl.

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