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Deadpool Musical 2

Guys, here’s my translation of Deadpool Musical 2. I did not translate the first part (it’s not so cool), maybe someday I’ll do it. Translation of free dialogs, translation of songs, too, tried to keep jokes wherever possible, just like rhymes in the songs where they were. So in theory, maybe I’ll even voice the songs, because I tried harder so that the translation of the songs would let them sing in the future. Even in the comments I made a list of interesting facts and some Easter eggs from the makers of the musical, I advise you to read them after watching the musical. Enjoy) PS: For those who do not know how to include subtitles, under the timeline next to the setting icon (bolt) is the subtitle icon (keyboard). For those who have adjustments to the translation, I’m happy to hear your opinion, and if that correct the subtitles.Deadpool Musical 2 (Russian subtitles)

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