Architecture: Hotel in the former monastery in Tel Aviv

Designers have preserved the historical stained-glass windows and fragments of the masonry of the 12th century.

Photos of Amit Geron

The studio of British designer John Pawson (John Pawson) completed the overhaul of the former monastery in the historic district of Tel Aviv. The building on top of the hill turned into a boutique hotel with an outdoor pool.

In the design of the hotel are mixed different architectural styles, including Arabic and Neo-Romanesque, with the inclusion of modern elements. Stained glass and stonework of the 12th century were preserved.

The hotel consists of 120 rooms connected by arched colonnades and gardens, and includes 32 separate buildings, each of which has its own entrance.

The hotel’s center is a bar and lounge, called “Chapel” because of its location in the former prayer space.

The lobby is located in a new building, but includes the remains of a 13th-century bastion wall found during excavations.

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