“Kalashnikov” introduced the concept of electric competitor Tesla

When there is a consumer version – the creators do not disclose.

Concern “Kalashnikov” introduced the concept car CV-1, on the basis of which the company plans to create an electric vehicle capable of competing with the world’s leading manufacturers. CV-1 is built on the body of IZH-21252 and is a “test bench” for complex technologies.

A representative of Kalashnikov, Sofia Ivanova, confirmed plans to compete with leading electric car manufacturers, including Tesla. The company refused to disclose the probable terms for creating a consumer model of the CV-1 electric vehicle and its possible price.

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The concept car is equipped with a battery for 90 kilowatt-hours. The electric car’s power can reach 500 kilowatts in peak, and the power reserve is 350 kilometers. Tesla Model 3 of the year 2018 can travel from one charge of 500 kilometers and has a battery for 85 kilowatt-hours.

The electric car “Kalashnikov” will be able to develop “significantly higher speeds” compared to the previously released concern models for the consumer market. The latest model can travel at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour.

The company did not specify what advantages the electric car of Kalashnikov will have in comparison with the development of Tesla and other companies. The representative of the concern explained that “Kalashnikov” does not plan to build its own network of charging stations.

We expect that the production of electrical equipment, including ours, will lead to the development of infrastructure. By the time the electric supercar starts, everything will be ready.

Sofia Ivanova
representative of the concern “Kalashnikov”

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