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Why Elon Musk deleted his instagram

He just did not like sockset or this is a consequence of the conflict with Aziliya Banks.

Elon Musk and Grimes at the Met Gala ball. Getty Images

On August 21, Elon Musk’s profile in Instagram with 8 million subscribers stopped opening. When you go to @elonmusk , you receive a message that the page is no longer available. At first, it was not known whether the profile of the Tesla chapter had been deleted or deactivated by the service for some reason.

The same day, the entrepreneur confirmed to Gizmodo that he personally deleted the instagram, but did not specify why. Musk also responded to the Twitter user by comparing the social network with Thomas Eliot’s poem “Badlands” and its part called “Death from Water”. However, Musk gave an explanation and simpler – it seems, he just tired.

“Elon, what caused you to delete the account in Instagram? I so imagine that you wanted to focus on Tesla “-” I did not like it “”

The publication Business Insider drew attention to the fact that Musk deleted the account against the background of the situation with the participation of the singer and his girlfriend Grimes and rap singer Azilia Banks. August 19 rapper told in the stories of Instagram that lawyer Musk took away her smartphone for the sake of removing some materials received in the house of the entrepreneur. Later, Banks reported that her lawyer personally took the phone from lawyers Musk. A spokesman for the head of Tesla said that he does not know Azilia and never took away her smartphone. However, Musk did not deny that the performer spent the weekend in his house.

Screenshots of “stories” Banks: “Elon Musk, you must contact me. I need you to return my phone right now. “

The story with Banks began to develop after she spent the weekend at Musk’s house to work with Grimes. She allegedly heard that the founder of Tesla begged investors to “cover his ass” after a tweet about the company’s withdrawal from the stock exchange, which turned into a rise in quotations. Soon after the Banks messages, Musk and Grimes filed each other in Instagram, which led to a discussion of their possible parting.

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