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Pornosite Naughty America was the first to use Deep Fake technology. While it turns out badly

The company was criticized for the substandard replacement of actresses’ faces, as well as for the popularization of questionable technology.

Blair Williams

Pornosite Naughty America announced the beginning of the use of technology Deep Fake, allowing using a neural network to change the video sequence and substitute faces. This is the first time when a large company will use the development for amateur commercials. The first video was criticized for poor quality, and again raised the issue of morality.

What is Deep Fake

In late 2017, Reddit began to appear pornoroliki, where the faces of actresses were replaced by persons Gal Gadot, Scarlett Johansson, Daisy Ridley and other celebrities. Development was laid out in open access, after which on porn sites there were dozens of sex videos with dummy actresses, singers or models.

Gal Gadot as a half-sister. Made with Deep Fake

Despite the wide popularity, the commercials were not of the best quality initially: viewers saw how crooked faces overlap each other, and noticed jumping noise. To teach artificial intelligence, the author used images in Google, stock photos, videos on YouTube and porn.

Gradually, the effectiveness of the algorithm grew due to self-learning, and the number of videos increased several times. Because of this in the Western media there were discussions about the ethics of technology: the appearance of any famous person can use without his permission in absolutely any video. On the other hand, Fake App can be used in classical cinema or for pumping the skills of working with machine learning.

Naughty America uses Deep Fake for the first purpose

Despite the popularity of Pornhub and XVideos, Naughty America is one of the most technologically equipped pornographic sites in the world. The company first releasedporn for virtual reality Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift. And the first to demonstratetheir success at major exhibitions, including the gaming E3.

August 20, Naughty America has published two videos using Deep Fake technology ( can not link to them). In the first one of the actresses replaced the face, in the second – the wall in the background was changed to the ocean. According to the CEO of Naughty America, the company’s goal is to allow users to impose pornographic facial features and change the background as they want. “It is amazing. We see personalization as the future of the genre, “he added.

In the video for virtual reality headsets, porn actresses Zoey Monroe and Jade Nile starred. In the first version, everything was left unchanged, in the second person Monroe was replaced by the face of porn actress Blair Williams (Blair Williams).

Zoe Monroe (with the face of Blair Williams) and Jade Nile. Made by Deep Fake

In the solo video, Nicole Aniston (Nicole Aniston), who sits on the bed in her room, is shot. In the second version with the help of Deep Fake, the background from the wall was changed to the beach and the ocean. The company noted that they upgraded the original technology, so that the neural network would better cope with the replacement of the environment.

Nicole Aniston in the video before the replacement of the background
Nicole Aniston in the video with a substituted background. Made by Deep Fake

What’s wrong with the Naughty America commercials?

Technical design

Naughty America a little slukavila, when she showed the result of imposing faces of two porn actresses. Between the two videos there is almost no difference in the fact that the actress is in motion. But if you look closely at Zoey Monroe’s face, you can see how artifacts constantly appear on it. A similar problem arose in the first rollers made with the help of Deep Fake.

Even in an amateur video, Emma Watson’s face fell on Kimmy Granger’s face more than Naughty America’s video

The roller with the ocean on the background is more like a bad example of using a chromakey. Pay attention to the shoulders, hair and toes Nicole Aniston: they fall through the texture and look unnatural. Because of this, it is almost impossible to believe that a porn actress is sitting on a real beach.

Imperceptible tricks

First and foremost, Naughty America is not just chosen for the main roles of Monroe and Williams. Actresses not only played together and are familiar with each other, but also really similar in appearance, including the color of the hair. Reddit users also used this and collectively selected pornographic actresses, strongly similar to celebrities.

In addition, the action of technology was shown in porno from the first person, because its viewer can “look around”, and the process is less static than when shooting from the side.

Legal and monetary aspects

Naughty America said that any user can “order” a video with the technology of Deep Fake. To do this, you need to provide as much as possible photo and video examples with the right person, and the resulting video can not be uploaded anywhere and sent only to him. The general director of the company compared this service with editing photos to order.

In the case of pornographic actresses, all participants agreed to participate in the video, but users can send materials to any person, including their friend or relative. From the legal point of view, the responsibility for the video is borne by the person who made them. The Verge noted that it is not known whether Naughty America will have the opportunity to legally “assure” the incoming photos or the company will allow only pornographic actors to take it.

When the popularity of Deep Fake went beyond the section on Reddit, many companies opposed the videos with faces of people who did not consent to it. Including Pornhub, Twitter and Gfycat. The first is the largest porn site, the second is the only social network where there are no restrictions on the genitalia display, the third is a site with hyphae, which is most often used to publish “clippings” from porn.

Another question is whether users will have the money to pay for a custom made video. In Naughty America noted that, depending on the complexity and number of source materials, the cost varies from a couple of hundred to several thousand dollars.

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