“Leakage” Pixel 3 XL: Google smartphones got to Russian bloggers more than a month before the presentation

Devices received from “anonymous sources” and “good people”.

Pixel 3 XL. Photos Wylsacom

On August 22, several Russian technoblogers and profile editions demonstrated at almost the same time the Pixel 3 XL smartphone that was not released yet. The official presentation of the device will take place only on October 4.

Photos Pixel 3 XL published the publication of Mobile-Review and Rozetked , as well as blogger Valentin Petukhov, known as Wylsacom . There is no indication that they received the smartphone directly from Google: for example, Rozetked allegedly received a device “last week” from an anonymous source. The Mobile-Review saidthat smartphones sent out a “good man.”

Author Rozetked Maxim Khoroshev wrote that “Google made a big mistake and two months before the release of the smartphone missed a lot of ready-made devices.” According to Wylsacom, the company “waffle” a certain number of smartphones.

In conversation with Wylsacom specified that, according to his information, a party of 20-25 copies had disappeared. He said that the devices can be remotely blocked, and “until recently” Pixel 3 XL allegedly could be bought for 1,5-2 thousand dollars (100-135 thousand rubles at the current rate). Wylsacom also noted that Google did not appeal to him after the publication of photos of the smartphone.

Photos are all too commonplace in our time. Here’s the video – it’s different. But, I think, those who publish such things will not have very pleasant consequences. That is why the American media and bloggers are sitting in the trench.

Valentin Petukhov

asked Google for clarification, but has not received an answer yet.

On Russian bloggers who received Pixel 3 XL “exclusive”, really started to refer to Western colleagues. For example, tweet Wylsacom was mentioned by one of the most famous IT-commentators on YouTube, Markus Brownlee, who drew attention to the big notification panel of the smartphone and the “bang”.

Russian journalists and bloggers have not yet talked in detail about Pixel 3 XL. Rozetked published photographs taken on the smartphone and called his camera “the best.” “Very good and pleasant from behind, and terrifying from the front” – briefly noted in the publication.

This is not the first leak of Pixel 3 XL: a smartphone was noticed in the metro of the Canadian city of Toronto, a video and photo with it was published by Ukrainian blogger Ivan Luchkov.

According to media reports, Google Pixel 3 X received a Snapdragon 845 processor and a 6.7-inch display with a resolution of 2960 × 1440 pixels. It will work on the most current version of Android 9.0 Pie. The smartphone has two cameras – 12.2 and 8 MP, as well as a battery capacity of 3430 mAh. Familiar with the smartphone publications noted that the bundled wired headphones with a USB Type-C connector, a wireless charging function is available. There is a fingerprint scanner and, presumably, a face recognition system. The device also received at least 64 GB of internal memory.

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