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Big cleansing: what happens to the FakeApp community after bans from large services

The neural network, “painting” faces in the porno, has become very popular, but has faced measures from Twitter and Pornhub.

Pornorolik with Gal Gadot, created with the help of FakeApp

In December 2017, the network appeared fake pornoroliki with Gal Gadot, Emma Watson and Macy Williams, created with the help of neural networks deepfakes. In a few months, the number of such videos has increased dramatically due to the simple FakeApp application, which was installed by more than 100 thousand people. There were also examples of the use of technology, not related to porn.

Neural networks were talked about in society and the media, criticizing the users of the application for “sketching” celebrity faces in porno. By early February, similar works began to actively remove large services like Twitter, Discord, Imgur and Pornhub. And the owners of FakeApp thought about whether they would close the main playground – a section on Reddit. Updated : closed .

War for the rollers

At the time of writing the material on the section r / deepfakes , where the clips are published and the main discussions are taking place, more than 90 thousand people have subscribed. In mid-January, the number of subscribers did not exceed 10 thousand people. Because of such popularity on pornoriki with celebrities drew attention services, where these videos are downloaded.

On January 27, the Discord messenger blocked a community whose members discussed the work of FakeApp: they shared advice, exchanged “models” for framing faces and helped beginners to master the application. Next, the main platform for users of deepfakes and hosting of Gifycat Gifok began to remove all the works created by the neural network, including “decent” from its site. Representatives of the company explained that they consider such content “unacceptable.” Gfycat was the main platform for users of deepfakes.

The participants of the section switched to Imgur, but they also began to remove FakeApp-hyphs. After that, the videos began to appear on Pornhub: users suggested that from there frank videos will not be lost. However, the service equated them to “pornomest”: the publication of pornovideo without the consent of the second party in order to harm him. On Reddit noticed that it is strange to hear such explanations from the site, where there is a “merged” video of sex with Kim Kardashian. Despite the announcement of Pornhub, their site still contains videos created by the deepfakes community.

Also delete the results of the work FakeApp became Twitter, while in the service of microblogging you can publish “adult” content with the appropriate note. According to the company’s representatives, porno-games violate the rules of the service, prohibiting the publication of intimate videos without the consent of all the characters.

Journalist Samantha Cole, who has been writing about the development of a neural network for several months, said she applied for a comment at Reddit in mid-January. But the forum administration has not responded, what is going to do with the section and pornofeykami. According to the BBC, now in Reddit “consider options” follow-up.

Updated at 10:45 pm : Reddit blocked sabredit r / deepfakes with the rules of the site, which prohibit “non-voluntary pornography”. Before blocking, the number of community members exceeded 90,000. Representatives of Reddit promised to block not only violating these rules of the community (sabreddity), but also users who publish such videos.

Trade video with “transplant” persons

On January 26, a user under the name DeepFake (in tune with the nickname of the creator of the neural network deepfakes) in one of the records on Reddit announcedthat he was ready to make pornographers using FakeApp to order. To do this, customers must send him at least two minutes of video with a “source” person, but the porno actress DeepFake will choose himself. The user requested a reward in bitcoins.

Pornrolik with Emma Watson, created with FakeApp

The beginning of the trade in commercials made by the neural network has affected the fears of many Western media: what if Reddit starts to make pornovideo not only with celebrities, but also with acquaintances in real life? DeepFake has not placed any restrictions on the “source”: only that the person whose face gets into the video should be only 18 years old.

The deputy director for technology policy of the law firm R Streer, Charles Duan (Charles Duan) noted that such a development of technology can lead to legal consequences.

I think these videos are illegal regardless of whether they are made for money or not. But it is important that commercial trade creates a report point for tracking and stopping all this activity. It’s easy to be anonymous on the Internet, but it’s much harder if you want to earn money there.

Charles Duan
Deputy Director for Technology Policy R Streer

Proposals for the creation of FakeApp-rollers to order appeared on a separate sabreddit r / deepfakeservice, for which about 200 people are subscribed. Users of the main section criticized these services, saying that their technology is being compromised.

Okay, listen, morons. Stop buying or selling video. We have established these rules since the creation of the section. Stop or go somewhere, taking everyone with you. Make your neural network.

from the discussion on Reddit

Community Response

Donald Trump in the “role” of Tommy Weissot

Criticism on the part of the public and the media greatly influenced the r / deepfakes community, which was not ready for such attention. Some users noticed that their hobby began to resemble a typical story from the series “Black Mirror”. Another commentator compared FakeApp with the episode from “Blade Runner 2049”, when the AI-hologram synchronized with the real person to have sex.

In the section there were new rules to regulate the increased number of users. Now it is separately written that in pornographers one can not use persons who do not belong to celebrities or minors. Also there was a list of services for which you can not upload videos and hyphas.

One of the most popular entries of the section for all time was “appealing to the opponents of deepfakes”. In it, the user Gravity_Horse on behalf of the community said: “We are aware that our hobby can not be called useful or noble. This is humiliating and vulgar to women who are used to create pornofeykov. ” But, he said, this does not mean that the community makes videos out of malicious intent. On the contrary: they believe that by this they develop experimental technology using the most accessible methods.

This is a very new technology. And everything new frightens people. Strong. But at least the neural network is superior to the same Photoshop, but the principle is the same. And the result is the same: changed images.

from the application for Reddit

The user stressed that the result of FakeApp’s work is difficult to use as a “porn star”, because it’s easy to find artifacts in rollers, and in the extreme case – to conduct a special check. “I’ve never seen a” pornost “made using Photoshop, which would be taken seriously,” he concluded.

Development of “decent” video

At the end of January, there was an appeal to divide deepfakes into several sections in case Reddit closes the main sabreddit due to pornographers. Users suggested leaving the main community to discuss the neural network itself and its prospects, and to collect frank videos in another place. The idea was supported by other forum participants, deciding that this way they will be able to create a “positive image” of technology that is firmly associated with porn.

So the forum appeared section r / SFWDeepFakes , devoted exclusively to “decent” video. Its administrator was a user under the name Peter_File , who supported a flash mob with “transplanting” the face of Nicolas Cage in various films and videos.

Nicolas Cage, substituted in the place of Amy Adams

One of the most active members of the new community was derpfakes , which already “improved” computer graphics in the film “The Outcast One” (later the video was removed from Gfycat). His idea of ​​correcting bad special effects in films was picked up by other users.

For example, they removed the mustache from actor Henry Cavill, who played Superman. Because of the large-scale commissioning of the Justice League, the actor had to play a superhero with a mustache, because he was involved in the shooting of the film “Mission Impossible.” Whiskers in the end so badly “zateryli” that they became meme. However, Reddit “improved” the situation with the help of FakeApp.

Another r / SFWDeepFakes participant, Sven Charleer, explained to Boing Boing that he uses the neural network “for the sake of good purposes.” For example, he substituted the face of his wife in the evening show so that she could at least so be in the same studio with her favorite actor Steve Carrel. According to him, technology has commercial potential, but it is not connected with the sale of pornographers: with the help of “painting” it is possible to create services that help to pick up clothes to face.

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